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  1. Convertible glitches

    Astra G
    Hi all, My daughter has a TS Bertone convertible. The other day it started acting weird. It started beeping on start up. I noticed that it beeped till the seat belt light went out. And also peeped when reversing. Something it hasn't done before. When she locked the car with the key, all the...
  2. 2002 Astra Bertone Convertible Roof, Boot Lock, Alarm and Heating Control Issues!

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi, I have a second hand astra convertible bertone 2.0 petrol car 2002. There are a couple of issues, which I'm beginning to wonder whether might all be related. Or, it might just be lots of things all going due to the age of the car! Firstly, the boot does not work on the central locking. I...
  3. Astra Convertible Turbo Vitaminized (pic heavy)

    Hello, I will introduce my self shortly, I'm a french seaman living in France and I bought a red cabby in 2015. I decided then to proceed first in 2015 to a 3.5 setup and then I changed my mind in 2016 and decided to go for a full restoration (engine,transmission, interior) thanks to my...
  4. Astra Mk4 G Convertible - 1.6 1V or 1.8?

    Astra G
    Hi All, I'm new, this is my first post! I have recently been looking around at Astra Mk4 convertibles with a view of getting one for the summer. My dilemma is MPG. According to Parkers the 1.6 is most fuel efficient. However I thought why not ask some folk who own them for a realistic idea! I...
  5. Problems with my cabrio roof

    Astra G
    I have a 2005 Astra convertible with a hydraulically operated roof. The roof has been playing up for some time, especially when there is hot weather, failing to open and then closing again with a bang. My regular dealer's service department haven't much of a clue as to what is wrong. They...
  6. Astra G Covertible Problems

    Astra G
    I have a astra covertible 2003. Im having problems with the soft top, rear heated window, boot central locking. They do not work in the car but when you disconnect the battery and put the battery back on. They all work fine until you switch the car off and lock it for a few minutes. Then it goes...
  7. my cab turbo

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all well this is my new baby astra cab turbo