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  1. Astra H
    Hi all I have a 06 1.4 at the minute and my engine has blown, I’ve had the car for quiet some time now and I’ve always wanted to drop a vxr into it, I will buy a full car for my conversion, anything I should be looking for in a donor car in relation to making my swap as straight forward as...
  2. Astra H
    hi guys im after having my whole interior lighting, clocks, switches, stereo etc changing to smd white? i know its possible in the vectras but im unsure if it is possible in the astra h.. if so does anybody do the conversions on here? close to york if possible... prices please :) thanks in advance
  3. Diesel Tuning
    2.2 DTI Astras were sold in Germany and are only available on the left hand drive model. they were never released in the UK or on right hand drive models. I would like more power and I think I have squeezed as much power as I can out of my 2.0 Y20DTH engine with various mods but the 100k miles...
  4. Astra G
    I'm trying to do an led conversion but have climate control not heater knobs, can anyone tell me which LEDs I need to use for a climate control screen? I have the normal astra conversion kit just need some advice on LEDs for the climate control screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ps...
  5. ICE & Electrics
    Hi Peeps, Been doing an SMD conversion on my car myself however have hit a brick wall. Every time I try to do the SMD's on the left hand steering wheel control it never works, new SMD's every time. The steering control works but no light coming through it.. Any Ideas???? Thanks
  6. Astra G
    Hi, Had my Star Silver Astra G Club for 5 month now, I absolutely love her, Wind deflectors, De-badged Grille, 60mm drop at front and 40mm at back, Toyosports Cat back stainless Exhaust, and Pipercross Induction, She's sat on some 195/45/15's atm, Eclipse from BK Racing :D I painted them Arden...
1-6 of 6 Results