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  1. Astra H - Camshaft sensor - How do I unclip the connector !

    Astra H
    Help! I have a 2008 Astra H 1.6, 16V with an Z16XER engine, 71k miles. Recently I've had a loss of power when accelerating, otherwise all else seems OK (no strange noises etc). The two pedal trick gives me the following ECU numbers on milometer, a quick google gives the meaning: 036504...
  2. Anyone know what these 2 connectors I found behind centre console tunnel are for ?

    Astra G
    I'm replacing the F23 gearbox on my MK4 Astra with an F35 from an Opel 2.2 DTI and was working on the car over the weekend, I had to remove the console tunnel trim so I could get to the F23's gear selector to remove it because it uses a cable shift linkage and the F35 that's going in uses a rod...
  3. Who can find me a good female?

    Astra H
    :love: One lonely male connector seeking female companionship :love: :kiss: Now.. I've got everyone's attention. Who please please please could find me the FEMALE part no or part that will attach to this for this! This is vx part no.93187168 but unfortunately I haven't got a very keen parts...