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  1. Broken coilover

    Astra G
    Hello I have a broken coilover spring on the front driver side the coilovers aren't that old but they won't replace the spring all the others are good but I refuse to pay another £200 is there any coilover springs that I can buy online I only need one
  2. Lowered Astra H fail (recommendations needed)

    Suspension, Handling & brakes
    Hello all, Almost a year ago I purchased some AP coilovers (£500) for my 07 Astra H 1.9cdti 150 3dr. Now the fronts were spot on (minus the MOT guy finding a small leak after 6 months of owning them) infact I had to raise them due to being to low but the rears... whole different story. Basically...
  3. Coilover top mounts

    N/A Tuning
    I have been unable to find a post with a clear understanding of this problem and it's solution. Basically I have fitted a set of TA Tecknix coilovers on my mk4 astra. I have even changed the droplinks to adjustable a and fitted a pair of camber bolts. The problem I have is with the top mounts, I...
  4. Coilover fitting help needed!? (west mids)

    West Midlands
    Hello all, I'm a fairly new member only started driving 6 months ago and got myself a tidy 1.6 astra H, and within a few weeks i was changing bits and pieces. VXR 19"'s fitted, callipers painted, induction kit, HID's and LED's on the interior and the next logical step was to go low... i want to...
  5. Irmscher lowering kits? HELP...

    Astra J/GTC
    Ok so I went to see my local Vauxhall dealer today and asked about modding the car without voiding the warranty. They said the 19 inch wheels will have to be Option upgrades and im fine with that but he also said that if I want to lower it there are (or at least used to be) kits from irmscher...
  6. FK coilover rear adjusters

    My 1.9cdti is on FK Coilovers which are meant to be 30-100mm but when I dropped em all the way it was quite low to be fair but not low enough on the back... :P Lol! So just thought I would put this up for those who were thinking about gettin them or have them cuz iv removed the rear adjusters...
  7. R9TRD's Euro Astra Progress Thread BBS LM's

    3 Door
    Well I thought I'd do a progress thread as iv not actually done one.. Just random photo's now and again :) as you may already know my names Dan and yes my number plate says RETARD and yes a bought it and the real reason I bought it was because I couldn't afford Dan :( It all started of as...
  8. The low astra 5 door

    5 Door
    New to the AON Thought i'd get the ball rolling by posting a thread about my 5 door H. Bought the car in August 2011, it was a completely standard 57 Plate 1.6 Design. Heres a few pics from standard. After only a few days I fitted led side lights and my 8K HID kit into the dipped beam...
  9. Hi! Finally part of the AON!

    New Member Introductions
    Finally got myself to join the AON Driving a Astra H Design 5 door 57 plate Window tints all round, Coilovers, Vxr wheels, Vibe Black Air Sub, K&N Induction kit, Custom stainless steel back box, Corsa VXR indictaor surrounds, 8k HID dipped beam, 4K HID Fog lights, Lamin-x covered foglights
  10. As NEW eibach pro street coilovers £400

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    £400 plus postage for sale is my eibach pro street coilovers, perfect as new condition, shocks are smooth operating and adjusters move with ease. threads have been oiled and these are packaged up and ready to go to a new home. looking for £400 which is less than half what i paid for them and...
  11. FK Coilovers Fitted!

    Well dispite the bad snow during the week managed to Venture out and get my FK coilovers Fitted! Mucho Happy with the Results Before Picture (Only one i could find on my PC) When Fitted! (Like the Lowness of the Front but down to the back wheels scrubbing if its any lower it looked funny...