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  1. Astra VXR Clutch

    Astra H
    I'm new to the VXR scene however I also own and drive an Astra 1.7cdti and the 1.9cdti sri. I've just bought my Astra VXR and although I'm in love with the car the clutch is really bugging me, the clutch seems mega high, like literally right at the top (biting point) I seem to be changing gear...
  2. Z20LER Clutch judder/rattle

    Astra H
    Hi All Since owning my astra ive noticed that at idle there seems to be some clutch rattle, cole or warm engine. I know its the clutch as when i push the clutch pedal in it goes away, and when releasing it comes back. Any ideas what could be causing it? No performance issues whatsoever so im...
  3. 1.8 auto - aircon compressor clutch noise

    Astra H
    Hi all Got a problem with the astra which occurred today - started sounding a bit weird yesterday after a sharp turn slightly too fast - power steering pump was almost screaming (only car i've ever driven where the PS pump sounds like it isn't fit for the job). Anyway this morning i got into...
  4. Clutch pedal / Gear issue when cold

    Astra H
    2005 Astra Mk5 1.9 CDTi Reg: FN55LHF Hi, I’m having problems with putting my car into gear when I first start it in the morning and after work. The gear linkage needs tightening/maybe a new set of cables however this is not what is causing the issue as there is no problem putting it into...
  5. Astra H Engine Noise issues

    Astra H
    Hi all I posted two separate threads prior to this but thought i'd consolodate them as they may be connected. Been getting two different types of engine noise from my Astra H 04 1.6 petrol engine. The first noise is pretty much there all the time when I drive, it's like a high pitch chirp...
  6. Can engage gear but car doesn't move - clutch or driveshaft?

    Astra G
    Hi Folks, I was driving round a round about and released the clutch and the engine just revved and did not drive. Clutch feels fine, gears feel fine just no go forward. I looked at the gear linage and it is moving through the gears. It feels like the clutch is constantly engaged. In...
  7. Garage Stole My Clutch!!

    Astra H
    So today I picked up my car Astra 1.9 CDTI from a garage in London, I had the classic gearbox issue and these guys advertise that they're specialist in rebuilding and replacing them. £950 for parts and labor in 48 hours, not too bad. The guy was friendly enough and took me for a test drive...
  8. 2010 Astra J intermittent loss of clutch

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    I have a 2010 Astra J Sports tourer 1.7 with 52000 miles on the clock. I have a recurring intermittent problem with the clutch. Usually the biting point is about half way up but it will sometimes refuse to disengage and the biting point will be right down at the floor. Occasionally the gears...
  9. Clutch Judder and Light Rattle when warm?

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi guys, I have a 2010 plate 1.7CDTi [125] SRi, 103k miles. I bought the car at 87k and have unfortunately already had to replace the M32 gearbox bearings at 99k. Another couple of noises have been bothering me lately: The first one is a loud juddering sound that occurs around biting point...
  10. Astra Engine number

    Astra H
    Hey Everyone, My Astra needs a clutch and I have 2 options depending on the engine number. How do I know if my engine is 20KC2905 or 20KC2904 Registation number Y60 RDO (formerly SA54 UAZ) Astra MK V (Sept 04) Thanks
  11. Astra h sri 1.8 petrol clutch help please

    New Member Introductions
    Hi am new here just trying to get some answers. Please help if you can thanks. About 13 months ago i had new clutch fitted and also a clutch slave cylinder ans master cylinder, now few month down the line clucth lost pressure, no leaks so garage blamed dodgy slave cylinder so replaced, few...
  12. clutch torque settings

    Astra G
    Hi, Does anyone know the clutch tourque settings for the presure plate? 2004 astra g 1.7cdti. Thanks
  13. 2007 Twinport Clutch & ABS problems

    Astra H
    Hi folks, having a few problems with my 2007 1.6 Twinport and after a bit of advice.... Firstly, the car is using a lot of oil, I'm having to top up when oil light comes on every 750-1000 miles, and using 10w40 (the 5w30 doesn't even get to 500 miles). Engine management light came on a few...
  14. Astra GTC Clutch and knocking

    Astra J/GTC
    Hey, So I recently got myself GTC Sport 2.0 CDTI in exchange for my 208. It has done 7000 miles and just wanted to get your opinion on the clutch. There seems to be a gap at the top where it seems very loose before the clutch starts for a coupe of inches. It also fees very heavy my...
  15. gear change is stiff from 1st to 2nd and clunks when shifting to 3rd gear,normal?

    Astra H
    Two different questions: normal for gear to be stiff and clunk noise when shifting to 3rd? 1.This morning it was a bit cold but I wouldn't say it was below minus more like 5-7 Celsius I couldn't shift from 1st to 2nd gear because it was like stiff and I just had to stay in 1st so which...
  16. Is it bad for the throw out bearing or clutch when you sit at traffic jam with clutch

    Astra H
    Stuck in traffic jam stopping then moving and while sitting at traffic is it bad for the clutch or throw out bearings if you were waiting with the foot on the clutch and brake while the car is engage in 1st gear(you're not moving). I have been doing that for years. I just came across since...
  17. Is it normal for a manual car in reverse gear at low speed jolting without using gas?

    Astra H
    I was performing a low speed manoeuvre in reverse gear maybe doing about 3mph and assumed the car had enough momentum so I let the clutch out and then the car was jolting a bit violently like if it was about to stall :o and when I had given it more gas the jolting stopped. What is the right...
  18. Clutch Pedal Loose ??

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi All my heavy feet has caused my clutch pedal to become loose. was fine the other day but now has movement left and right ?? can this be tightened or is it broke? I can still change gear fine just the movement in the pedal is not a good feeling..:confused: I had a quick look but can't see...
  19. H Automatic 1.6 almost stalling

    Astra H
    Morning all :)this week Ive had a problem with my Easytronic Z16XER astra. (Boss sold it to me cheap, so no judging :P ) Ive noticed that when Im braking, and the car drops to 1st gear, it more or less almost stalls the car, which I thought was impossible on an Auto... Would this be my clutch...
  20. Clutch Centre Plate Broken

    Astra H
    Hi All, I had a new clutch kit and Dual Mass Flywheel fitted on my Astra 1.7 CDTi 2 weeks ago and have had problems shifting down the gears ever since (shifting up was fine). I took it back to the garage who fitted it and was told the clutch just needed a while to bed in. Since then, the...