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  1. Detailing and Car Care
    So with moving house the backend of last year and doing a full refurb the cars been neglected. Finally got a chance to do it this weekend and what a state! New stone chips, a couple of rust spots above the sills & bugs/tar that will not come off! So I have ordered some tar remover & a new...
  2. General Motoring Chat
    It cost me £40-£53 to fill up my astra 1.6 and I usually fill up between 1-2 weeks if I am able to get 2 weeks but I usually do about 100-200miles from travelling back and forth. The petrol price here is 124.7p
  3. Astra H
    Hello I'm new here to this forum. I have just had the Astra mark 5 for about week and I'm trying to familiarise the car and clutch. The car is parked in a incline road so when I stick it in reverse while trying to apply minimal throttle to make the car move as I don't like to rev the car...
  4. ICE & Electrics
    Hi, I recently swapped my MK4 for a MK5. So far so good, although I really miss my MK4. The only thing thats really annoying me is the radio. It has CD player and radio only and I would like to have bluetooth, aux, usb etc. Few things I was wondering: Its a double slot - any issues with this...
  5. ICE & Electrics
    Morning Folks, Just wondering if anyone has run any wires from the door to the car and how they did it? I'm planning on fitting some puddle lights and I'm going to wire them up to the interior light, ideally I'd like to run the wires through the door wiring loom so to hide the wire. I'm not...
  6. Scotland
    Date: 24 & 25 August 2013 Times: 10.30am -4.00pm Car Information: All classics up to 1982 including stationery and steam. Fife Association of Vintage Vehicle Owners Rally is a day of fun for all the family. Sunday has an annual car rally with autojumble and various other attractions. Show Day...
  7. East Midlands
    As I'm not a member I wouldn't dream of trying to sell something
  8. Scotland
    So I thought I might as well post a thread up for this since a date is already set on their website. The event is held on Sunday the 21st of July this year. I think the prices for clubs are £10 per car/driver then an extra £15 per passenger. Who's all interested in going to this? Confirmed 1)...
1-8 of 8 Results