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  1. Astra H
    Help! I have a 2008 Astra H 1.6, 16V with an Z16XER engine, 71k miles. Recently I've had a loss of power when accelerating, otherwise all else seems OK (no strange noises etc). The two pedal trick gives me the following ECU numbers on milometer, a quick google gives the meaning: 036504...
  2. Astra H
    Please Help! I have an Astra H, 1.8 SRI, 54 plate. The cam belt snapped and the engine head has been rebuilt. On start-up after the rebuild a camshaft position sensor fault registered. The garage changed the sensor and cleared the fault. The following day the fault returned, engine management...
  3. Astra G
    Hello fellow Astra owners. I'm sincerely hoping one of you lovely experts can help me out here, and offer me some sage advice. This might be a bit long-winded, but I'd be so grateful if you could have a read of it all and see if you can help. First, some basic details: Car: 2004 MK4...
1-3 of 3 Results