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  1. First post - First bit of work on the Astra - First PIC!

    First post on the forum, Had my Astra H SXI 1.6 Twinport coming up two years, never had the time to add my touch to it.... Until today. Bought a very clean example, with low mileage, all factory standard and had clearly been well looked after. ................ First on the agenda is to...
  2. hand break not working on one rear wheel but does on the other side

    Astra Chat
    Hi, Today I tightened my hand breake as it started to slip on a hill. Ive noticed that on the drivers side the hand break doesnt stop the wheel at all but it does on the passenger side. Anyone know 1) what the issue is and 2) what I need to do to fix it Im due a MOT in a few days so want to...