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  1. Astra D,E,F
    The injector have one black and one blue cable. Which cable controlled by the ECU? (I want to scope the injector signal)
  2. Astra H
    Astra 3dr SRI,1.6. 2010. I thought my car had a dodgy input aux but it turns out to be the cable and I was plugging in and removing for about 20-30 times also wiggling the top of the connector of the cable while it was plugged in to the car aux. I'm a bit concerned about damaging the aux input...
  3. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi guys, I am looking at finally fitting my Sony HCB-700 hands free kit.. Im just wondering how people fit the Mic of hands free's? Do you run the mic cable down the passanger pillar? If so, Any pre-cautions when removing the pillar cover, as mine has an airbag in.. And advise on where I am...
1-3 of 3 Results