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  1. Scraped bumper, any help in Glasgow area?

    Body Repairs
    Hi folks, Arrived back to my car in a shopping centre car park to notice someone left me with some lovely scrapes on the front bumper at the passenger side :@ There are also 2 shallow dents and a few scrapes on the wheel arch too :'( Can anyone recommend anywhere in or around the Glasgow area...
  2. VXR bumper and SRI bumper

    Astra H
    when both front VXR and front SRI bumper(including xp kit) are off the car and on the ground which bumper is taller? I am asking because i may replace my front sri(xp kit) bumper for a front VXR one and want to know if the front end will be lower with the VXR bumper on
  3. Rear diffuser for astra H non VXR

    Astra H
    I want to get a rear diffuser for my astra H i have a custom dual exhaust system, straight pipe with one centre sports box, lowered on eibach sportline springs, with 30mm hubcentric spacers on each rear wheel, I have an XP kit fitted but would love to have the diffusers with fins, ive seen add...
  4. vXR Front bumper damage flipping potholes!

    Astra - VXR Chat
    Unfortunately picked up some damage to my front bumper! First photo seems to be a holding clip that has forced out and snapped as a result of the knock from underneath! Can anyone confirm? The other photos show the crack near the middle of the bottom lip of the bumper which follows underneath...
  5. How easy does the Black bumper moulding strip come off?

    Astra H
    I was exiting from this give way at the speed of 3-7 mph. I think the road maximum speed was between 5-10mph The car hasn't been lowered and with standard set up, it somehow managed to touch the black moulding strip on the bumper when stopped on the give way line. The car does seem low but I...
  6. angel eyes and hid installation

    Astra H
    How long do you think it would take to install angel eyes with a hid kit? Including removing the bumper etc and putting it back on...i know what i am regards to the bumper i just ino the 2 screws in either arch and clips under the grill, BUT i don’t no where the bumper clips are...
  7. Bumper to bumper:Have I done any damage to my rear bumper?

    3 Door
    Short story, When I was about to move out then suddenly this stupid taxi driver blocks my exit :@while I had my signal on ready to leave. I guess I was too ****** off and forgot to check my mirrors so I assumed there was no car. I then reversed and when I looked at the interior mirror it was...
  8. ADVICE RE : Passenger side plastic bumper thing...

    Astra J/GTC
    First thing (I've not got a clear pic yet) BUT... There is a little black sort of flimsly flap / bumper that runs under the main front bumper... My car is a 62 facelift Astra J Sri.... On the passenger side corner, it is kind of away from the bodywork, there are no clips or anything for it to...
  9. Help Needed! Headlights!

    Astra H
    I have a '58 plate Astra and one of my main headlight bulbs has blown. It's a ball ache to replace them from under the wheel arch I know. I ordered a new set of xenon bulbs and white sidelights, the main bulbs shouldn't be a problem to replace the sidelights are a real ball ache! The gap to...
  10. Bodyshop next week, VXR look Estate, Please Vote

    Astra H
    All my car goes into the body shop next week, and although for the last few months i know what i want doing to it, i am starting to doubt if its the right thing to do, so i would like your opinions please, good or bad. so my car is having a vxr front bumber, xp skirts, xp rear splitter, xp...
  11. Remove bumper/ change lights???

    Astra H
    Hey peeps, I have bought 2 new headlights as there is a crack in one of the old ones... Question is do I have to remove the bumper to get the lights out? :( If so how do I go about this? Any help would be appreciated :D Cheers.
  12. Rear VXR bumper on a 5 door Astra (custom)

    5 Door
    I have custom made my own rear bumper. 3 door VXR bumper on 5 door. This is not a fiberglass replica this is 2 original Vaux bumpers that i cut and molded together. Thanks to Mitch Y for supplying me with the VXR bumper. I will upload more photos when i have finished the rest. Progress - Trial...
  13. front bumper bracket

    Astra H
    Hi All Has anyone changed a front bumper bracket on their H? It's the black thing that's riveted on. Mines snapped so I need to change it. I have never done rivets before, but you can get a hand held riveting tool for about £20 and rivets are very cheap. Not sure on the bracket cost but I'll...
  14. Astra H Debadged Grill

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Hi all, Changed my mind on the grill I bought earlier in the week from LMF, as I got offered one that matches my car a bit better! So the other one is for sale, brand new in the box (has been opened though), perfect for painting or wrapping! £30 posted, payment by PayPal or cash, can also...