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  1. Does this lock in place or is it broken (pic included)

    Astra H
    I was hoovering the car today and I noticed the circled area(yellow) was sticking other than the opposite side of the seat so I tried pulling to see what happens which it didn't work,Then somehow when I had lift the pull thing,I could actually lift part of the bottom up and see the foam under...
  2. Window mechanism broken?! Window shuts half way then goes back down!

    Astra H Anyone had this problem and knows the cause ? Any prices on how much it costs? Thanks
  3. Seat height adjustment faulty

    Astra H
    Hi, the seat height adjustment lever on my 2008 5dr Astra H doesn't seem to function (drivers side), there is little/no movement in the lever when attempting to 'pump' up or down.. Has anybody got any experience with this? Any idea how I can fix it? Thanks alot! Matt,