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  1. Astra H ABS electrical values.

    Astra H
    Hi. As mentioned above I'm wondering would anybody know any approx electrical values that the ABS sensor should be outputting. Iv read that the usual resistance output when static on most sensors are between 800-1800 ohms when static, and change if the sensor is working. However Iv read that a...
  2. Astra H ABS fault

    Astra H
    Im having trouble diagnosing an ABS fault on a 2008 Astra H. Diagnostic error code c0035-08(Front left wheel sensor no signal). I'v inspected the wiring from the abs I'v taking the sensor and hub off and cleaned all the parts and electrical components. When I clear the code the ABS warning...
  3. Brake switch/upgrade

    Astra H
    Hi all Been thinking/looking at changing the brakes on my astra H 1.7 CDTI, 110bph for ones off of a 2.0l vxr, anyone know if it's a difficult job, and what I would need besides what I'm aware of. I know I'll need the basics: discs, pads, calipers. I believe I'll also need the hoses. Anything...
  4. Which Loctite for rear brake carrier bolts

    Astra H
    I know the rear brake carrier E18 bolts need locking compound and torquing to 100Nm. But which locking compound? I'm tempted to use Loctite 'blue' but that's just a 'medium'. Should I be using 'red' (strong? Cheers.
  5. Removing discs

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi folks, here for your wisdom again. I'll be doing a change of brake pads all round over the next few days. I noticed when checking them that the rear discs are a bit worse for wear and could do with a refresh. I'm probably going to do rear discs same time as the pads, but am not totally sure...
  6. Brakes Locking after servo change. ABS ECU fault codes showing (U2139 U2105)

    Astra H
    Hi there, not sure if this is where I should post as I'm totally new (please feel free to point me in a better direction!) but I have a fault with my ABS ECU. Bought an Astra H 1.6 petrol, all seemed well but the brakes were pretty sketchy. Put it in the garage and the servo needed replacing...
  7. Replaced Master Brake Cylinder Problems

    Astra H
    :confused: Having suffered with a sinking pedal we decided to change the master cylinder. Ok we changed it put it on the car bled it then took for a drive, after a mile or so the brakes slowly started to stick on and then it would not move. We had to crack the line at the master to release...
  8. Uprated Brakes - Parts Needed

    Astra H
    Need some help as I am unable to find exactly what it is I need. The other day I was driving my friends Type R and although I know his car has more power, his brakes actually worked and stopped when you touched the pedal, I got back in my little 1.7 cdti and the brakes felt really spongy (they...
  9. First post - First bit of work on the Astra - First PIC!

    First post on the forum, Had my Astra H SXI 1.6 Twinport coming up two years, never had the time to add my touch to it.... Until today. Bought a very clean example, with low mileage, all factory standard and had clearly been well looked after. ................ First on the agenda is to...
  10. car has been unused for 2 months - brakes seized?

    Astra G
    Astra has been parked up for 2 months unused. I started it today and had trouble moving forward or in reverse. I eventually put it in first gear and gave it a bit more acceleration that usual. There was a big bang when car started to move. (This didn't alarm me as I used to have a Corsa that did...
  11. Brake Pads and Disc Opinions

    Astra H
    Hi, Looking to change both front and rear discs and pads. Not sure what to go for. My Car is a 2006, 3 door, 1.4 astra Sxi. I have seen a set on eBay Need opinions on these or what other people are...
  12. Loud 'Clank or Click' when braking! Can anyone help?

    Astra H
    Car details: Astra H, 1.7 CDTI, 2005. Hi Had my break pads and disc's, front and back, changed a few months ago and all has been fine until the last few weeks. When I'm slowing down I get a random clank noise, not all the time, but quite often. My breaks are working fine in the sense that...
  13. Brake Pedal Hissing HELP!

    Astra H
    Hi, I am looking for some information about my Astra H. When I start the car I can hear a hissing noise coming from the brake pedal which sounds like an air leak. It is quite noticable and if I touch the pedal and depress it as little as a few centimetres the noice stops. When I lift off the...
  14. Astra G brake drum back plates ????

    Astra G
    Can anyone please help me find somewhere in the UK that sells brand new brake drum back plates, the thing that the brake cylinder and shoes fasten to. please please please HELP !!!!