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  1. SOLD- 308mm MTEC grooved and drilled front discs

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    These were bought some time ago when I had my 1.6 MK5 Astra. Recently found in the shed boxed.. 308mm MTEC drilled and grooved front only discs, with almost new pads. Seemed to be a thing everyone did back then was use Hammerite for metal to paint callipers and bits that were prone to rusting...
  2. New brake disc and Pads grinding when coming to a compete stop - Astra J

    Astra J/GTC
    I'm hoping someone can help before I go back to kwikfit. Around 2 weeks ago I had new front discs and pads fitted however since then I have noticed when I come to a compete stop the brakes make a grinding noise. If I be gentle with the brakes the noise is not as loud or will not happen. The...
  3. Need some one to change rear brakes and pads..Basingstoke/reading area

    Astra H
    hi, I currently need my rear bads and discs replacing on my Astra h.. If anyone is local to the Basingstoke/reading area that could change them for me I will pay:) any help would be great... im new to AON btw:)