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  1. Astra J gtc showing service light and losing all boost power

    Astra Chat
    my Astra j gtc 2015 drives fine until a service light shows on dash, then stops accelerating and loses all boost/turbo power. It’s had an actuator arm replaced as well as boost sensor, and has been serviced. Also thermostat housing replaced but can’t find a solution. Any ideas?
  2. Turbo wanted

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    So I’ve just discovered I’ve cracked my manifold and turbo. I’m looking for an upgrade. My turbo housing has a crack in and one of the nuts on the fins is no longer ? Where’s the best place to buy a hybrid turbo? Ideally wanting a k06 however k04 is fine however need turbosmart actuator and the...
  3. Lost boost

    Astra H
    So for a few weeks now under load I’d get the dreaded spanner light but I’ve just been resetting the battery and it works again. I was driving okay last night And the sound That the air filter makes changed drastically. Normally just a whooosh sound but now it’s doing the stututututu and is...
  4. Astra dump valve sound no dump valve

    Astra H
    Hi peeps I have a56 plate 100 h 1.7 cdti, when I rev at approx 2000 revs, I hear a psst sound, and if im going up a bank my car goes into limp mode in 4th gear. After reading forums ive replaced my boost pipework from vac pump to turbo, I have bypassed all the solenoids one by one, and the...
  5. Astar 1.6t boost through torque app

    Astra H
    Hi, I was using the android torque app to log a couple of things in my astra H 1.6t sri and noticed something weird. Car seems to be boosting very high, peaking at 30psi then slowly decreasing over time. I haven't remapped it but it could have been in the past. Anybody know why it would...
  6. Possible way to raise boost on a CDTI?

    Diesel Tuning
    I've had an idea for raising boost on a cdti engine, may be silly or may have been done before. Basically, your maximum boost i believe is limited by the ecu when the map sensor reads a certain pressure. So in theory putting a resistor in series with the signal wire from the map sensor woul give...