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  1. Is this foam part important beside the scuttle panel?

    Astra H
    Hello I am new here, I was upgrading the insignia washer jets and ended up with some scratches,cuts and bruises. I then notice the passenger side was missing a part of the sponge material, circled in blue. I was wondring if this part is important/what the purpose and if it is, what part number...
  2. What is this wire sticking out inside the bonnet area?

    Astra H
    I was topping up fluid inside the car when I came across a wire or cable hanging out from no where. What does this wire connect or does to the car?
  3. Bonnet vents- astra h

    Astra H
    Hi guys, I am looking to add focus RS bonnet vents to my astra H, the only thing that concerns me is water getting in to the electrics or engine bay eventually causing rust and corrosion... ive heard of people saying if you put it in the right place water getting it aint an issue and other...
  4. Can I fit these

    Astra G
    Hi all I would an astra h 5 door front speaker be a straight swap form my blown front speaker on my 3 door g, also can get a gas bonnet lifter from an h would it be possible to fit on mine? cheers
  5. Bonnet stripes yeah/no

    Hello again, I washed my car today and tried out a bonnet stripe decal to see how it look but it had loads of bubbled areas so i took it off :/ My Question like in the title is, does bonnet stripes suit the car or not? (Y) No Stripes :) After:)