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  1. Astra H
    So I want to be able to use my Spotify service to play music through my head unit. I don't fancy replacing the head unit as I kind of like the stock look of the Astra interior. Don't like the bright colours of the head units or the different looks. Anyhow I have the Bluetooth Hands-free in my...
  2. Astra H
    Hi. Need aux in my astra. I pulled out the cd30 mp3. It has aux on the diagram. In the aux slots on the back some wires are already in . cant see where they do. When i double press the fm nbuttun it switches between FM and AM. no aux connection in mid console. 1:Why are the wires in...
  3. Astra H
    Hi,i bought an astra sxi about a month ago with a cd30 radio and no aux . I replaced the radio with a cd30 mp3 that is aux compatible and also have an female aux lead but i dont know what way about installing it all . Anyone have any advice?
  4. Astra Chat
    I have a Vauxhall Astra SRI 1.8 2010 (3 Door). I have an AUX connection next to my handbrake; however, i don't know how to AUX mode. I've tried pressing every button and the car's manual is no help. How do i change to AUX mode? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Greg
  5. Astra H
    Hi, My Astra H CDTI is making an awful clicking noise mainly when cold. It does get less frequent when the car is warmed up but is getting progressively worse over time. Its coming from something connected to the aux belt. Ive had this noise for about the last month and am a bit worried about...
  6. Astra J/GTC
    Hi, Sorry if this has been posted before, I am using the aux port in the astra to play music from my phone, however, the comnection is dodgy. Any slight movement of the 3.5mm jack itself causes the sound to either change to mono or just go very quiet. I am hoping that just cleaning the aux...
  7. Astra H
    Hi, it's been months now since a mate climbed through my car and bent my aux cable. At the time I noticed the whole input jack bit was loose and wobbles about a bit. Lately, if you nudge it a bit in the wrong way then I can lose sound completely or it goes all funny or goes crackly. Where can I...
  8. Astra H
    Hello all, Greetings from across the pond. My '08 Saturn Astra has the stock CD30 MP3 unit; can anyone confirm if there is an Aux-in option for this or other stock head units such as the CDC 40?I would like to keep the factory bezel (silver) and display intact. Thanks!
  9. Astra H
    Astra 3dr SRI,1.6. 2010. I thought my car had a dodgy input aux but it turns out to be the cable and I was plugging in and removing for about 20-30 times also wiggling the top of the connector of the cable while it was plugged in to the car aux. I'm a bit concerned about damaging the aux input...
  10. Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    **** No 'Pics to follow'. Everyone needs pics before posting items up ****
1-10 of 10 Results