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  1. How do I install a Pioneer MVH-X560BT radio to my Astra G mk4 LS 1.4 16v?

    ICE & Electrics
    How do I install a Pioneer MVH-X560BT radio to my Astra G mk4 LS 1.4 16v with steering wheel controls? I know I am going to have to buy an RCA adapter for the RCA pre-outs, but am unsure where to get hold of them. I can get the radio in Halfords, but I don't know how I'm going to get the...
  2. Full Audio install

    ICE & Electrics
    Evening all! So I had A corsa C before this and always Used the Forums for finding out stuff about them but it just wasn't cutting it! So i've decided to upgrade to an Astra Sportback 1.8VVT 57 plate, and what a difference it is! After always lurking the corsa forums I decided I would finally...
  3. Noise on system - have tried everything (I hope)

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi all, my first post, so be gentle. I have a factory Vauxhall Stereo (CD 70 Navi) which is fine by all means. I installed a Parrot MKi 9200 about 8 months ago, and everything was great. (Sound Quality has never been amazing because of the internal amp on the Mki 9200) Dont get noise when...
  4. New Head Unit Suggestions

    ICE & Electrics
    So I have an Mk5 H Sri. I want some more functionality than the stock CD30 setup. At minimum... Screen (6/7") iPhone/iPod control (prefer USB rear) 2 DIN so it fills as much of the negative space that will be left when the old unit is ripped out MP3 Disc Good Radio facility Good interface...