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  1. Astra G
    Hey guys, I just purchased an 2001 4 Door Astra G with the 1.7 DTI Isuzu engine. I'm fairly new to this car and its scene so bear with mešŸ˜„. I was thinking of remapping the car in the near future, maybe a stage 1 remap as I don't want to work the engine too hard. So far, I've had a talk with a...
  2. 'How To' Section
    Hi guys. Looking at an Astra MK5/AH/H steering wheel and wondering if it will fit into my MK4/TS/G astra? I understand I may not be able to use steering wheel controls and airbag but the one I want to purchase has carbon fibre accents I am in love with!
  3. Astra G
    Hi everyone! Was looking for some advice. last week oil light came on on my old girl. 2000 X reg Astra 1.7 DTI (IZUSU engine) Immediately stopped, pulled over and saw that the coolant level had dropped and oil level increased. AA came out and removed excess oil and topped up with water and...
  4. Astra G
    Hi, Recently I bought a boost gauge into my Vauxhall Astra g. Now I am seeing that the max PSI that I can reach is 0.8 PSI. Is this normal for a 1.7dti Isuzu Engine. I bought this car second hand so I don't know if it is remapped or stock. Thanks
  5. Astra Chat
    Hi, I'm in Australia and have had an issue with my Opel Astra g TS early 2001 model. Last week in the heat the ignition barrel jammed up. I've read this is a common problem for the astras on hot days and went on to research possible reasons and remove the barrel. I took the pin out and filed it...
1-5 of 5 Results