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  1. Astra H
    Hi, I have a problem with the cigarette lighter on my Astra H 2005. It works, but the lights didn't work. The black wire for the 12v ignition live has no power. All fuses are ok, checked on UEC and REC. What else should I check? Could it be an OP-COM coding problem? Because I had another Astra H...
  2. Astra G
    Hi so I have a 2001 Astra G (1.6 Petrol) it's got 121,000 on the clock and has worked perfectly since I got it 2 years ago. But out of nowhere it's starting having a problem when I reach 85/90° (where it normally stays when driving for a while) First gear starts will stall 90% of the time...
  3. Astra H
    Been having a constant battle with getting xenon lights to work. Cheapies turn off straight away and tried Nighteyes works but dont stay in! Wondering if anyone has had the same issues and some solutions! Cheers
  4. Astra J/GTC
    Hi all, looking for an astra gtc, heres what I need: 1.6 or 7cdti 6 speed manual Red, white or black exterior under 76000 miles Any model trim, wheels etc Budget of £3000 Thanks :)
  5. Astra H
    Afternoon, I've got a 1.6l Astra Design Hatchback Mk5 and want to look at making it a little more sporty and rumbly without going mad, too loud and illegal. I'd like to get a backbox or exhaust system that will achieve this without failing the MOT on emissions, sounding too loud or something...
  6. Astra H
    Hello, i have an Astra H 2005 1.6L twin port, i have a clunking noise where i’ll accelerate my car and i’ll take the foot off of the accelerator and the front left of the car will make a loud bang and thud, i had the wishbone replaced as i was told this was the problem, however this is not the...
  7. Astra Chat
    HI, Just wondering opinions on remapping my A16LET engine just a little concerned about 4th piston. Should I be worried? Cheers
  8. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    just wondering if my A16LET engine is worth remapping and just a bit worried about 4th piston? What are peoples thoughts?
  9. Astra H
    Morning! I've not long got a new 1.6L Astra Design 16V, 105bhp and want to switch out and play with the headlights. I'd like to get brand new stock ones as they look alright but mine are hazy and blurred, I was wondering if I can swap the current halogen bulbs for LED ones for a nicer light...
  10. Astra J/GTC
    I have a GTC 2.0 I’m looking to get the trip computer activated I’m from Middlesbrough I know there’s post about this already but just looking for someone to point me in the right direction to get this done thanks
  11. Astra H
    hi. i have swept through the manual and can't find anything to help me but i have a 1.6 petrol astra 2012, 113bhp and i was wondering what the best type of fuel would be and what octane is recommended?
  12. Astra H
    Hi all, My Astra H 2009 plate was locking and unlocking intermittently when using the key fob... I've replaced the battery and done the paper trick but now it's completely refusing to lock or unlock... I have tried to reprogram it by putting it in the ignition and holding the lock and...
  13. Astra H
    Afternoon! I hope that everyone is safe and well. I have recently bought an Astra H 1.6 Hatchback from a dealer with a coolant level warning displaying on the radio screen every 5-10 mins when driving. This can be dismissed but is annoying and I want rid of it! I have already replaced the...
  14. Astra H
    Hi all. I know the subject of keyless entry has been flogged to death on here, I’ve read most of the threads, however I’m having an issue that I’ve not seen discussed. This is on a Astra H VXR. So earlier on today my fob stopped working. Out of the blue. Changed the battery to no avail. The car...
  15. Astra H
    Hi, I purchased the Atoto A6 Pro head unit and have installed it into my 06 GTC. I also purchased the connects2 CTSVX002 wiring harness. I have everything connected besides the steering wheel controls but I'm having two issues: 1) steering wheel controls weren't set up as I haven't a clue how...
  16. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    So I’ve just discovered I’ve cracked my manifold and turbo. I’m looking for an upgrade. My turbo housing has a crack in and one of the nuts on the fins is no longer ? Where’s the best place to buy a hybrid turbo? Ideally wanting a k06 however k04 is fine however need turbosmart actuator and the...
  17. "What's it worth"
    As in title, I've heard many bad things about Vauxhall, that they are not very good cars, and there is many problems with them. Some of my friends are telling me to not get one, better go for Honda or Toyota for example. But this one seems quite good. Is it worth the price and will it be OK as...
  18. Astra H
    Hello I need some help I think. Today the yellow engine warning light just comes up and not want to go away. Ghe car showed me 8 error code which are the follows. P0400, 0683, 1191, 0704, 1614, 0115, 0108, 0243. Is it possible that all wrong? Any idea guys please? I’m really worried now.
  19. Astra J/GTC
    Thanks for looking. Looking at fitting a rear dash cam. Need an ignition live near the rear hatch. My car doesn’t have a fuse box in the rear. Can you help? ?
  20. Astra Chat
    Hi all, I have a 2013 Astra recently purchased and noticed today when I’m accelerating at low to mid speeds there is a slight vibration coming from the dashboard/centre console area. It’s not terrible, but I noticed it today when I had the radio off and it’s bugging me a little. What do you...