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  1. Astra Chat
    Hello, would a back box exhaust from a mk4 fit on to the astra h mk5 2007 hangers seem to be in the right spot the layout between the cars seem to be the same just wondering if anyone has tried this. The exhaust is a irmscher twin back box
  2. Astra G
    Yes it has a throttle cable. But I still want to retro fit cruise control. Is there a guide? How hard can it be? What parts do I need? It's a w reg 1.6 16v club by the way. Manual gearbox.
  3. Astra G
    Hey guys! I've got an Astra G with Z22SE engine and I've noticed that my cooling fan doesn't work at all. It doesn't give any fault codes and the fan does work when power is inserted directly from battery. AC doesn't work either but that might be a completely different problem. Also it should...
  4. Astra G
    Hi there, new to this forum but not to the mk4 astra world. Currently having a wee bit of a problem as my 51 reg mk4 1.4 16v will not start, there appears to be no spark. It started acting up the day before this happened as it began to seem like it was struggling to start (not from the battery...
  5. Astra G
    I'm replacing the F23 gearbox on my MK4 Astra with an F35 from an Opel 2.2 DTI and was working on the car over the weekend, I had to remove the console tunnel trim so I could get to the F23's gear selector to remove it because it uses a cable shift linkage and the F35 that's going in uses a rod...
  6. Astra G
    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what sensor this is: The connector itself isn't connected and is just hanging loose. Recently the car was running slowly and very hesitant when trying to pick up speed. We put the computer on the machine which revealed a faulty Coil Pack, we replaced this with a...
  7. Astra G
    My mark 4 Astra has a cdr500 stereo. i was wondering if there are any aftermarket stereos (i want usb or 3.5mm jack connection) that will still send the radio station info to the dashboard display, that i could replace the current stereo with? thanks. Matt :)
1-7 of 7 Results