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  1. Astra Chat
    Hello, would a back box exhaust from a mk4 fit on to the astra h mk5 2007 hangers seem to be in the right spot the layout between the cars seem to be the same just wondering if anyone has tried this. The exhaust is a irmscher twin back box
  2. Astra Chat
    Hi, trying to fix my father in laws Astra. It drives ok but after a while starts to over heat and we get steam off the radiator. So, coolant level is fine, fan works, (Jumped between 30 & 87 on the relay), changed the Temp sensor on the rad and no codes showing. But still the fan doesn't come...
  3. Astra H
    Hi everyone. just a little concern I have with my 2010 Astra, yesterday night I was driving down a country lane and noticed that the rpms where fluctuating a bit but the speed is staying the same, I went up a small hill in 4th gear and put my foot flat to the floor to see if the rpms would...
  4. Astra Chat
    Hi im new to this and not that good with cars im wondering if anyone could help me out and point me in the right direction. Ive got a 1.9 sri mk5 my sports button doesnt work or light up and ive also noticed that my rear window defogger lights stuck on itll only go of if i turn the ignition off...
  5. Astra H
    Hi all I'm wondering about replacing my gear knob - I vinyl covered the insert with red and a black sticker over the top (with clear gear markers) to match the interior colour scheme I've done up but it doesn't sit quite right, and whilst I really like the look of the VXR gear knob I don't...
  6. Astra H
    Hi all. I hope you can help me. the last week or so my Astra has been running hesitant and has a fault code with the emissions light showing. plugging in the fault code reader gave a code of p0170 fuel trim bank 1. the code originally came up after I replaced the air filter and cleaned the maf...
1-6 of 6 Results