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  1. Astra H
    Ive had my astra h (1.7cdti ecoflex) for about 3 months now. Gave it a full service about a month ago (fuel filter, oil, oil filter, air filter, glow plugs) and all was fine. I then remapped it a few weeks ago, and all was fine for the first few days. I then noticed when i put the car under too...
  2. Astra H
    I have a 59 plate Astra Mk V Estate 1.7 CDTi. A couple of mornings recently I've started the car and the idling sound has been struggling. When I tried to pull away it would just stall. Eventually the engine would spring to life and work ok. On Monday, it was very unresponsive when pulling...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I have a Vauxhall Astra H (2007) 1.7 cdti cranking but not firing up - no error codes. A bit more info below - Crank sensor replaced last week MAP Sensor replaced 2 weeks ago Battery good This weekend just gone cleaned EGR Valve and pipe (same issue before clean) - EGR Valve closed Also...
  4. Astra H
    hi guys i have a 1.7 cdti 80bhp astra 5 door. i was wondering what exhausts are good back box or mid and back, that sound sporty and deep as looking to do my next set of mods lowering new bumpers and exhaust for the first half of the year. anything that not ridiculously expensive and sounds...
  5. Diesel Tuning
    Seen a dtuk tuning box for sale however the person selling it says it will fit all Vauxhalls but will it do the same job or are they different for different models etc he's looking £160 ono for it which I don't think is to bad
  6. Astra H
    Hi I have a oil leak from a pin hole on the bottom of my alternator on my 1.7 dti. Can any body help? Can i block this hole? What does it do?
  7. Astra H
    Is lowering 45mm on springs safe without upgrading shocks and dampers? just wondering before i buy as i've read that dapr require upgraded shocks, not interested in coilovers due to insurance, and don't think eibachs will be low enough, any advice? springs im considering are spax
  8. Astra H
    Basically I purchased an 04 1.7cdti Vauxhall Astra SXI over a week ago and after 5 days it went into limp mode and wouldn't start, after a little look at everything its pointing out to be a fuel problem... great! The car has actually been taken care of before me but I must of been stung, it has...
  9. Astra H
    i have a astra h 1.7cdti 2004 i connected the ac compresor directly to the batery and it was working fine, so, i removed the connector from the ac compressor and measured the voltage, they showed 7 volts where can be the problem? i checked the cable and it seemed fine, checked for blown...
  10. Astra H
    Hello! I removed the precat ( the one attached directly on the turbo), but the main cat is still on. I wonder can this have a negative affect on the turbo? longer spool time? or benefits like bettle throttle responce, drives more like a petrol car? this i know from experience :mrgreen: thanks...
  11. 5 Door
    "SCHMITT" AKA VAUXHALL ASTRA CDTI SRI (100) latest update: 09/03/2011 - ALOT HAS BEEN DONE
1-11 of 11 Results