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  1. Cooling fan not working

    Astra G
    Hey guys! I've got an Astra G with Z22SE engine and I've noticed that my cooling fan doesn't work at all. It doesn't give any fault codes and the fan does work when power is inserted directly from battery. AC doesn't work either but that might be a completely different problem. Also it should...
  2. Astra G cc 1.4 16v - MAF

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi guys ! So I'm currently searching for a MAF for my Astra G but I can't seem to find it through the OEN (0280218119) does anyone know where to find the proper replacement the ones I find say 1.2 astra g, or only 1.4 not the 16v version, does it really make a difference since the original BOSCH...
  3. Astra G Z16XE Inlet Plenum

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    I have for sale a Z16XE Inlet plenum and inlet manifold, which I removed from a car. I have redone the seals and replaced the bolts with new. Free pick up in SE London or cover the cost of postage to anywhere in UK.
  4. Astra G 1.6 AirCon issues

    Astra G
    Hi all! I have Astra G 1.6 8v 2001 Z16SE and i have aircon issues. System wasn't in function for a few years and now i have decided to bring it to life. First i did regassing and found out that compressor clutch wasn't working. Replaced it and regassed. Next was the compressor itself. It worked...
  5. Anyone know what these 2 connectors I found behind centre console tunnel are for ?

    Astra G
    I'm replacing the F23 gearbox on my MK4 Astra with an F35 from an Opel 2.2 DTI and was working on the car over the weekend, I had to remove the console tunnel trim so I could get to the F23's gear selector to remove it because it uses a cable shift linkage and the F35 that's going in uses a rod...
  6. Astra G ECO4 Diesel Problems starting when hot

    Astra G
    I have an Astra G ECO4 53 plate, about 4 years ago I had a problem that when the engine was warm/hot it would turn over and eventually start, the hotter the engine got the more the problem manifested itself. I took the car to 2 garages but neither could find a fault to fix, I kept using the car...
  7. First Time Vauxhall Owner - Astra G

    New Member Introductions
    Good Morning (yes I know it's late but I work some oddball hours so you'll see me posting all over the place) I am now the proud owner of a 05 plate Astra G 5 Door 1.4 "Enjoy"... I can already hear chuckling. it's an absolute peach and aside from the usual stone chips and marks, you wouldn't...
  8. very loud whistling noise z16xep

    Astra G
    car is a mk4 1.6 16v twinport 04 plate with 100k on clock have an issue been to vauxhall main dealer and they can not find the problem opcom says there is no faults but the noise has gotten louder but noise sounds like its coming from the alternator but if i drive it really slow and not use...
  9. Problem with my Astra G

    Astra G
    Hi guys! For the past year or so my 2001 Astra 1.8 3-Door Hatchback (Automatic) has been sitting in my garage, and I really want to get it up and running. I've been to an embarrassing number of mechanic shops in Mexico, spent money that I didn't have, and I still have a car that doesn't work...
  10. 1.7 dti rough starter

    Astra G
    Hi guys. Long time lurker but just registered. I've got a 1.7 dti that wouldn't start, after much reading I reckoned it would be the EDU, just changed that now but I still have to prime by switching on and off before it will turn over. Did I waste £125? Could it be the pump itself? I need the...
  11. Astra G Climate Control vent motor

    Astra G
    I have a 2002 Astra G 1.8 Elegance Automatic. I recently took out the center console area to put new bulbs in the multi function display. After I put the whole center panel back the Climate control does not work properly. The recirculation motor works OK. The Air conditioning gets cold and...
  12. astra cutting out

    Astra G
    hi guys newby here! i have just purchased a astra mk4 1.4 estate 90000 miles for £40!, its been sat a while put some fresh fuel in and started up straight away, im having problems with binding brakes as its been sat for over a year but thats not a problem, the problem im having is when i rev the...
  13. Astra G ABS controller replacement/refurb

    Astra G
    I'm after some advice on swapping out the ABS ecu or getting my one refurbed. A few years back I started getting an intermittant ABS light on the dash accompanied by speedo failure. After a while this stopped being intermittent and became permanent. My trusted local garage traced the fault to...
  14. Recommended Engine Oil for Astra G HatchBack 1.4 2003

    Astra G
    Hi Folks, Thanks for the add to the forum. I recently bought a Astra G HatchBack 1.4 2003 and as a noob I am wondering what is the best oil to buy for it. Most suppliers seems to offer 10W-40, 15W-40, 5W-30 or 5W-40. Which one is best for my model and is there a recommended manufacturer? I...
  15. Steering problems

    Astra G
    Hello Lads, New member and first time posting, very glad a place like this exists online and hope to become a part of it :) I'm going to get right into it: As i just bought my first car, Astra G, the guy i bought it from installed a new steering wheel. Now that i have been driving it for about...
  16. clutch torque settings

    Astra G
    Hi, Does anyone know the clutch tourque settings for the presure plate? 2004 astra g 1.7cdti. Thanks
  17. Astra Mk4 G Convertible - 1.6 1V or 1.8?

    Astra G
    Hi All, I'm new, this is my first post! I have recently been looking around at Astra Mk4 convertibles with a view of getting one for the summer. My dilemma is MPG. According to Parkers the 1.6 is most fuel efficient. However I thought why not ask some folk who own them for a realistic idea! I...
  18. Problems with my cabrio roof

    Astra G
    I have a 2005 Astra convertible with a hydraulically operated roof. The roof has been playing up for some time, especially when there is hot weather, failing to open and then closing again with a bang. My regular dealer's service department haven't much of a clue as to what is wrong. They...
  19. My Bertone has started playing up! :( Electric issue, Both Headlamps Blown,

    Astra G
    Hello, I have just joined up as i have an issue with my bertone. Its a 2004, 1.8i Astra G Bertone. I was driving down some lanes near my house, Was not speeding just doing an average of 30mph, All of a sudden my whole dashboard lighting went off, My revs and speed needles dropped to zero but...
  20. Leak off pipes for Astra G TD17

    Astra G
    Hello, Yet again (third time in about 6 years) I have diesel leaking from the rubber leak off/overspill pipes by the injectors on my V reg Astra G estate 1.7TD. The left end of the pipes on the far left between the 3rd and 4th (counting from the right) injector (so the end that fits on to the...