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  1. Astra D,E,F
    Hi guys, I just found this forum. I have an old Astra F X16XEL Caravan, the car runs well, but it uses a lot of oil, and sometimes smoke comes out of the engine, out of one particular hole. There seems to be a screw missing. I compared it to a friend's Astra G and there is a torx screw there...
  2. Astra Chat
    Hi everyone. I would like to swap my DEAD opel Astra F 1.7d (x17dtl) engine, but on the market in hungary I can only find 1.7d (x17dtl/l) Opel Astra G engine. Is it possible to put the G Astra engine into the F Astra without having some big trouble? If its possible can anyone tell me what...
  3. Northern and Southern Ireland
    My Astra F runs in "limp home mode" intermittently. The EML light is not on, and the accelerator pedal and throttle body have been replaced. After each were replaced it worked ok for a short while, but then went back into "limp home mode". What else might be causing this?
  4. Styling
    Hi, guys, I'm looking for some photos of Astra F with this alloys -> Have someone tried this combination? I'm about to buy this model rims and I want to see how they stand on an Astra F. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results