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astra cdti 1.7 diesel

  1. Astra Dies When Gearing Down

    Astra H
    Hi everyone, Hope someone can help here... Really strange thing started happening Friday on the motorway. Felt the car misfire (or something) while driving along, that was odd but the car kept driving ok. When I came to the toll bridge and started to gear down, the car lost power while...
  2. Need help, injector problen after headcylinder repairing Astra 1.7CDTI

    Astra H
    After cylinderhead reparing got this problem. Car have done 367tkm. Chanced all gaskets, headbolts, seals, oil, filters etc. Cylinderhead was fixed by professional machinist. After all work done. Car start up easily, rpm is normal, engine sounds kinda loudly. Engine running while and...
  3. Remapping

    Astra H
    So I've read In some places that the 1.7 astra can be over 100bhp it says it is maybe about 110bhp? Is there any truth in this, going for a remap next week looking at a gain of around 35bhp and 40ftlbs, hopefully they can squeeze out a bit more, if it turns out it is 110 standard on the RR...
  4. Lowering

    Astra H
    Anyone any experience with spas 45mm springs looking to lower the car about 40mm or so, eibachs i don't think will close the gap in the wheel arch enough, insurance...
  5. Exhaust

    Astra H
    Looking a bit more of a grunt out of my 1.7 but not looking to buy a full exhaust set up, if i remove the back box will it increase the noise? Don't have any idea about exhausts, any help would be welcome :)
  6. Astra 1.7 lowering

    Astra H
    I'm aware this has been posted before but what are the best springs for a 1.7 astra, eibach seems to be popular but i can't see 30mm being enough to make a noticeable difference, is there any 40mm springs about? Not looking dapr because of having to change the shocks, pictures would be helpful...
  7. Exhaust Tip

    Astra H
    Currently driving a 1.7 which happens to be one of the Astras that doesn't have an exhaust tip coming out the back bumper and has a downturn exhaust instead, basically im wondering if there's any way i can fit an exhaust tip, preferably without having to cut a space for it in my bumper, anyone...
  8. Astra H Xp spoiler

    Astra H
    Does anybody have a guide on how to fit a spoiler to the car, how does it attach etc, going to buy one tomorrow for cheap out of a breakers, £50 but don't know how to check if its suitable, fitting etc thanks
  9. New car

    Astra H
    So here it is, the first car, 1.7 Astra, excuse the phone camera quality Currently away having the drivers side sprayed due to the previous owner scobing it and getting a cheap paint job done, hopefully will get her back tomorrow, have some hekos waiting to go on and some pressed plates, going...
  10. Alloy help

    Astra H
    So I'm looking to fit some AVA Memphis alloys to my sxi, I'm aware that I'll need to use wobble bolts to get them to bolt on but I'm unsure when it comes to spigot rings and if I'll need spacers, most sets are staggered over here 8.5j and 9.5j, unsure if they'll fit right on, could anyone shed...
  11. what do the units 1.2.3 ???? mean on astra exclusiv 1.7 cdti

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi everyone new to here but i was wondering If anyone knew what the units 1 2 3 mean in the menu area of center display unit as I have had a mess around with it and on unit 3 it changes my mileage only had the car a few days its an astra 1.7cdti exclusive ecoflex on a 12 plate. I was searching...
  12. Problems with the turning lights

    Astra H
    Hi First of all i'm sorry for my english. Recently i bought an astra 1.7 cdti and now i was staying home and the turning light went on. I opened the car and put the key on and the turning lights didn't went off. i removed the battery and then it was all ok. The next day it was the same they...
  13. Engine management light error codes on Astra 54 Plate 1.7 CDTI SCARED!!!

    Astra Chat
    I'm new to AON so excuse me if I am in the wrong place. So I was driving a while back and the Astra was not giving me the speed i should be getting. Turbo wasn't kicking in how it should be then I got the engine management light on my Astra 1.7 cdti 54 plate a few days ago. So i thought it...