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  1. Wheel Nut Caps/Covers for Astra J VXR Alloys

    Astra J/GTC
    I recently swapped my 17" standard alloys for 18" VXR alloys on my Astra J. I'm wondering what wheel nut caps to buy for them as the caps off the original alloys do not suit as they are designed to fit into the deep bolt holes that were on the original alloys. They do fit but they stick out over...
  2. Alloy Wheel Advice

    Hello, I have an Astra J SRI Sports Tourer 2.0CDTI 165 currently on 17" alloys (standard Vauxhall - 225/50/17 7J with 40 offset). I am looking at a set of 19" alloys that are 225/35/19 8.5J 40 offset. According to the following will occur: Ride height drop of 8.35mm and an...
  3. Memphis alloy photoshop

    Astra H
    Does anyone on here have ava memphis alloys on an astra, looking to put them on but unsure how they'd look, if someone could post a picture of theres or a photoshop it'd be appreciated. i'm aware i'll have to use wobble bolt also, if anyone has experience with them could they please share.
  4. J Alloy wheel confusion!?!?!

    Astra J/GTC
    I've been looking at getting these 18" alloys for my 1.4 J (these specifically - but apparently they won't fit because they came of a...
  5. Astra H - Alloy Wheels. Please Help!

    Astra H
    Good day all! Firstly, I apologize if i have posted this in the wrong section, I am a new user and haven't unraveled each area of the forum yet. Please feel free to have the thread relocated if necessary!:look: So, I am after some new Alloy wheels for my Black 1.9cdti Astra H (56) 3dr Sri. ​...
  6. Alloys flaking off, what is the cause of it?

    Astra H
    I decided to wash the car today and notice the rear 2 alloys are starting to flake off similar to the front 2. The front 2 alloys is worse as I seen the silver finishing coming off. I am just using clean water to wash them. How much will it cost to have it redone fully without flaking issue...
  7. Help! New wheels.

    Astra H
    Okay so, i'm looking at buying some new wheels for my '58 plate 3 door Astra. Preferably 18" as 17's look small with the big arches of the Astra. I've been looking alot on eBay and there's a set that I keep coming back to. These ones...
  8. 16" black alloy pics please!

    Astra H
    I've got 16" Breeze Plus alloys on my red 3dr sport hatch and I want to spray them black. I'd love to see pictures if anyone has already done this! I haven't seen the same alloys as mine anywhere, nevermind seeing a set in gloss black! I'm not sure if there would be too much tire making it...
  9. First Ever Forum! Lots of questions!

    New Member Introductions
    Basically i've never posted in a forum in my entire life! I have a 1.4 Astra Sport Hatch in red. It's my first year of driving so thinking about insurance yadda yadda! I want it lowering, wheels powder coating black and windows tinting, my budget is tight so it needs to be done properly to...
  10. Alloys

    Astra H
    Hi there just posting this to fin out if these are just SRI alloys (See pic) If they are do you guys know how much they sell for? They were on my astra when I got it but they got changed straight over to 18's that I had laying around. Cheers for your help in advance.
  11. 18" Silver Penta Alloys For Sale

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Hey guys, I am selling 4x 18inch Silver Penta Alloys with tyres. They are in good condition 2 alloys are in pretty much perfect condition and 2 with a couple of small scuffs (nothing major though) The tyre treads are as follows, 1. 7mm tread 2. 6mm tread 3. 5mm tread 4. 2mm tread ( will...
  12. Membership query?

    Astra H
    How do I become a paid member?? I click on my account and it says I can't access this page =\
  13. uneven loweredness + wheel advice please

    Astra G
    Hi guys and girls I'd like a little advice ive searched and can't seem find any solutions. My car is lowered but 1 side of the rear sits lower than the other. i've parked it on flat areas to make sure its nt just a hill. ive done it with hand break off ive made sure the rear springs are seated...
  14. Project Sri My Matt Black Penta Alloys NEWBIE!! Check me out

    New Member Introductions
    So I wanted to sort my alloys out, and people were charging ridiculous prices. so I took it upon myself to do my own and i think i did do half bad job. So with some 320 grit sand paper, Primer x1, Matt Black paint x1 and Clear Paint x1. I done this for £25 instead of £300 [/IMG] Jacked up...
  15. Changing the colour of my wheels

    hey, hoping this hasn't been asked a thousand times already :lol:, couldn't really find anything on the search I'm planning on spraying my Penta's, they are in relatively good shape except the lacquer has started to peal in places, the paint hasn't gone through yet and they have not started...