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  1. Astra H
    Hi all Got a problem with the astra which occurred today - started sounding a bit weird yesterday after a sharp turn slightly too fast - power steering pump was almost screaming (only car i've ever driven where the PS pump sounds like it isn't fit for the job). Anyway this morning i got into...
  2. Astra G
    Hi all! I have Astra G 1.6 8v 2001 Z16SE and i have aircon issues. System wasn't in function for a few years and now i have decided to bring it to life. First i did regassing and found out that compressor clutch wasn't working. Replaced it and regassed. Next was the compressor itself. It worked...
  3. Detailing and Car Care
    Hi All Just noticed Eurocarparts have a sale on Air con cleaners, can pick up most of the regulars for a fiver. Can anyone recommend a decent one? can't find much on them anywhere... Cheers!
  4. Astra H
    Hi. I have an Astra H (58) 1.9 8v with climate control (if that makes a difference?) My aircon is not working (was a bit sudden- was working, turned the car off and now isn't). I tried getting it re-gassed at KwikFit (as they do guarantee if they don't make it cooler it is free- so thought I...
  5. Astra H
    And then the sun hides on the day I do it :|
1-5 of 5 Results