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  1. Fuse 35 keeps blowing - 2004 2.2 Cab

    Astra G
    My 2004 Holen Astra 2.2 Convertible is being painful again. I had the auto transmission serviced due to it not operating properly i.e. limp mode. The mechanic noticed Fuse 35 (Automatic Transmission, Engine Coolant Blower Motor Control Module and Air Conditioner) keeps blowing when the car is...
  2. Air con cleaners

    Detailing and Car Care
    Hi All Just noticed Eurocarparts have a sale on Air con cleaners, can pick up most of the regulars for a fiver. Can anyone recommend a decent one? can't find much on them anywhere... Cheers!
  3. Astra H- Air Con Worked better then Failed. Please Help!

    Astra H
    Hi, This is my first post so here we go. I've got an Astra H 1.8 SRI XP and I love it having owned it two months now. I noticed that the air con wasn't blowing cold but the compressor was was working so I figured it just needed a re gas. One trip to halfords and a bottle of R134a later, I had...
  4. Zafira B - ECC Air con problems

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi Everyone, My first post on this forum, and indeed any forum for a good few years!. I have owned numerous Vauxhalls over the years, and the latest in a long line of VX tin, is my 2008 Zafira Elite 1.9CDTi 150. Overall, the car has been okay, but, coming from a Vectra 1.9CDTi 150 SRi NAV...
  5. A/C Information Switch,Not Programmed

    Astra H
    OK I am hoping that Pecky or Stampede can shed some light on this. I am in the North east and my A/c switch does not seem to work. The fuse is fine. I have recently upgraded my CD30 HU for an Eonon GM5155. After that the AC does not work and the light on the AC does not come on when pushed...
  6. fine white powder from air con

    New Member Introductions
    hi there, please go easy this is my first post. ive recently bought a 2012 Astra J 2.0 CDTI 165 sri, ive got a couple of questions: 1. When i use the Air con (not needed in the current weather) to just keep the system in working order, there seems to fine white powder settling over the...
  7. ac pump wont kick in low voltage

    Astra H
    i have a astra h 1.7cdti 2004 i connected the ac compresor directly to the batery and it was working fine, so, i removed the connector from the ac compressor and measured the voltage, they showed 7 volts where can be the problem? i checked the cable and it seemed fine, checked for blown...
  8. ECM --- P1530 A/C Clutch Control Relay

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Astra G Early 2000 X16XEL Manual with A/C --- CG module ECM ScanMaster with an ELM327 Interface (KWP2000 protocol only): Is P1530 A/C Clutch Control Relay likely to be exactly as it describes? (shows it being in/behind the instrument panel? E31.12 in TIS... where is it?) Cleared it a few...