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  1. Wiring an aftermarket stereo up, help needed

    Mk5 T8/T9 Owners area
    So I recently bought an astra Mk5, it's my first car and my first radio install. I wanted a new radio system to connect my phone to it, but I'm having trouble with the radio install. I've used the wiring diagram on the old radio as a guide, changed the fuses and changed the wires around so many...
  2. Astra H aftermarket Oil Cap Covers?

    Astra H
    I have recently purchased a Astra H and was looking into changing a few bits and pieces of the car red. Does anyone know good quality oil cap covers which are in red that will fit the astra?
  3. Astra H double din adapter for 2 single units

    ICE & Electrics
    Hello I want to replace the Original Radio head unit (cd30) in my (Opel) Astra H 2007 and I'm trying to figure out which items do I need For completing this mission. Basically I want to place inside this two units: 1. Pioneer single din 2350ub radio -(missing the original unit cage!)...
  4. Seats heating system

    Astra H
    Hello to everyone. I still have the honour to be the owner of astra H 2007 hatch. I want to retrofit front seats heating system. I do have front central grille and hazard panel with respective heating buttons. I want to fit an aftermarket seat heating syst keetec csh2. It claims to have...
  5. Connects2 parts needed for CD30 replacement

    Astra H
    Could any of you guys please help me assemble a complete Connects2 kit with a steering wheel controls interface for replacing my CD30 headunit in an Astra H 2008 with a Pioneer FH-X720BT? The selection of different parts on their site is immense and I wouldn’t want to end up ordering something...
  6. What Temperature Gauge / Display Do You Use?

    Astra H
    Hi guys. Ive owned two Astra H's now, and its always bugged me that they are not equipped as standard with a temperature gauge. It seems more important to me then the rev counter as an overheating engine on a motorway journey is a recipe for disaster. I cooked the engine on the M5 a few weeks...
  7. How do I install a Pioneer MVH-X560BT radio to my Astra G mk4 LS 1.4 16v?

    ICE & Electrics
    How do I install a Pioneer MVH-X560BT radio to my Astra G mk4 LS 1.4 16v with steering wheel controls? I know I am going to have to buy an RCA adapter for the RCA pre-outs, but am unsure where to get hold of them. I can get the radio in Halfords, but I don't know how I'm going to get the...
  8. Astra H Replacement Radio cannot cancel messages

    Astra H
    I replaced my CD30 radio as it was running down the battery by switching itself on. Now the replacement is fitted, I cannot cancel messages displayed on the screen. eg risk of ice. The buttons on the CD30 allow me to cancel / OK messages. Now those buttons have gone I cannot workout how to...
  9. GTC Spoiler Options?

    Astra J/GTC
    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, or already answered elsewhere (although I did search this forum for spoilers, and aside from a bunch of great pics of modded Astras didn't return what I was after). Basically, what are the options (if there are any available yet) for Spoilers to...