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  1. 3 Lights Staying On Dash - Details in post

    Astra H
    Hi everyone, i recently bought a 2006 1.9CDTI SRI 150 Astra H with a couple of lights on the dash. Ill explain each and how they appear below: 1. AFL light is constantly flashing, i have tried changing back to the other mode as stated in manual via pulling the indicator and switching on the...
  2. AFL right headlight level to high

    Astra H
    I noticed that my right headlight levels too high, very high actually, almost like the high beam. I connected with OP-COM, run the scan and ended up with no fault codes from AFL, tried the tests, lights move up and down, left and right as they should. Then I tried to push the back of car to...
  3. Non AFL Bi Xenon Clear Up!!

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    I'm about to buy a set of non afl bi xenon units, and have had a good quote on some OEM hella ballasts. Now the question is, once the earth mod has been done, ballasts plugged into the bottom, loom plugged in, and a cheeky tech2. They should in theory be good to go (with bulbs obviously!). The...