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  1. Help - 5 speed manual gear knob and gaiter replacement

    Astra H
    Hi everyone, I have an 05, 5 speed manual Astra H, and I want to renew the gear knob and gaiter as they have gotten old and crumbly with time. I have tried some guides found both here and on YouTube to no avail. I have no issues removing the gaiter, however, no matter how much I swear, I...
  2. M32 Whining after rebuild

    Astra H
    Hi, this is my first post (but have been reading the forums for a long time!) Just thought I'd ask on here if anyone has had any similar issues. I had my M32 box completely rebuilt today (£1000!) because of troubles with the 6th gear bearing and difficulty engaging 2nd and 4th gear. Basically...
  3. Alloy Wheel Advice

    Hello, I have an Astra J SRI Sports Tourer 2.0CDTI 165 currently on 17" alloys (standard Vauxhall - 225/50/17 7J with 40 offset). I am looking at a set of 19" alloys that are 225/35/19 8.5J 40 offset. According to the following will occur: Ride height drop of 8.35mm and an...
  4. Good or bad? opinion needed

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi, This is my forst post. I'm currently looking at buying an astavan 1.7cdti ecoflex '13 plate with 85k miles. I've been to view and test drive the van today, it drives smoothly accelerates well there are no noticable noises or any other reason to worry. The only thing putting me off is...
  5. Advice

    Astra H
    Hi, I have an '06 1.9 CDTi Design, 5 Door Astra that's currently in the garage. It died on me on 17th May and the local garage has finally diagnosed the reason. They've informed me that the water pump has failed and therefore the cam belt has slipped. They've said that this may or may not have...
  6. Advice on LEDs please!

    Astra J/GTC
    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I want to add footwell LEDs and the door handle LEDs to my Astra J, but I want them to be blue not the standard red. I'd also like to replace the stock red ambient light from centre console, but I don't have a clue where to get one from, same with what...
  7. Need help doing and SMD conversion

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi Peeps, Been doing an SMD conversion on my car myself however have hit a brick wall. Every time I try to do the SMD's on the left hand steering wheel control it never works, new SMD's every time. The steering control works but no light coming through it.. Any Ideas???? Thanks
  8. CD Player Problems - Removing 2 CD's (thanks to the Mrs)

    Astra H
    Hi, My GF recently decided to put 2 CD's in to my Standard Cd player (MK 5 Astra). Pressed the eject button, and nothing seems to be happening, just a noise where the CD cannot be selected to eject. Any ideas how to remove these? Does the centre console need to be completely removed? Any...
  9. New Head Unit Suggestions

    ICE & Electrics
    So I have an Mk5 H Sri. I want some more functionality than the stock CD30 setup. At minimum... Screen (6/7") iPhone/iPod control (prefer USB rear) 2 DIN so it fills as much of the negative space that will be left when the old unit is ripped out MP3 Disc Good Radio facility Good interface...