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  1. Samvxturbo's progress thread 1.6 Sri Turbo

    5 Door
    Figured its about time I get my build thread together! Being honest a lot of my work has already been done and I'm rubbish for remembering to take pictures :'(, few bits and pieces happening over the next couple of months such as my air tech cooler being fitted, Will be going forged later in the...
  2. Black H - Finally Started.. [pic heavy]

    5 Door
    Hi Guys, Joined the forum around a year ago now just after I bought my first Vauxhall, that being a Black Sapphire 1.6 'Life' with the added luxury of air-con! I never really got active on here for no particular reason other than my laziness but I've now caught the bug and started to buy bits...
  3. FS: Astra H Part 2

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Hey guys, My beloved second Astra has bitten the dust, and throwing 800 quid at it made no difference. So i'm scrapping it. All items are from an Astra H 5 door Design, or my previous Astra H 5 Door SXI. Prices do not include postage. All items prices based on ebay recent sale prices (Minus a...
  4. HELP! 5 Door SRi rear seats, pain to re-fit.

    Astra H
    Took my rear bench out to give it a good clean and clean under it. All seemed like a good idea until I went to put it back in, now I can't re-fit it. The whole bottom bench came out if that's any help to anyone. I have a slight idea on how to get it back in but it will not clip back in. The...
  5. Wind Noise

    Astra H
    I've noticed some wind noise somewhere on the offside passenger door, I haven't got any wind deflectors fitted. I was wondering is there always slight wind noise on the 5 doors Astra H. I've checked that the window was up correctly and the door was fully shut but it was still there. Would this...
  6. **** Sophie's Makeover****

    5 Door
    So when i joined this forum i put together a build thread for Sophie (can be found here), i had a look at it today and not only does she now look a sorry state, she is on the change :D So here goes Sophie's makeover. The original thread saw the following changes - 1) Insignia Washer Jets 2)...
  7. I bought one!

    Astra H
    Hey Guys, I picked up my Astra H 1.8 SRI 5 door yesterday, having previously had my 1.8 Focus Zetec Climate written off. I'm 23, passed my test around six months ago, and someone pulled infront of me from traffic facing the opposite way as i'm doing 30mph. This resulted in a total loss, which...
  8. Complete Genuine XP Kit - 5 door prefacelift

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Here we go again... As per here, this kit is now for sale yet again - Previous thread closed as it turned into a private chat other than a for sale thread. Location : West Sussex Reason for sale: Ended up with a replacement engine (and a lot of other stuff) - need the money to help cover the...