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  1. Astra H
    Hello! I’m looking to decat my car, already got a straight pipe cat back, but am looking to remove the cat, not the pre-cat, but the one under the car. Does this need a remap or can I just swap it with a decat pipe and have no issues? Guessing it’ll be an issue when it comes to mot time?
  2. Astra H
    Had this issue. Keeps popping up every other day. Car loses all power. Sometimes idles around 1000RPM. Most times will drop down to 600RPM and run rough until it stalls itself. The throttle has no response when it drops below 600RPM. When it manages to idle at 1000RPM I can accelerate, however...
  3. Mk5 T8/T9 Owners area
    I haven't been on here for years - My 888 1.9 CDTi has been as good as gold until now ..! So I need advice on a possible failing turbo. The car is only on around 61,500 miles and is well looked after, but the turbo has started to make a terrible screeching sound (not to be confused with the...
  4. 3 Door
    Bought my car roughly about 6 months ago, just stock, with no kit on it. I managed to pull a rare one, I have the stock 120bhp but with the 16 valve engine. Basically comes with the 150bhp engine but been stock detuned 120bhp, so has the potential to match the 888. Going to upgrade my car...
  5. Astra H
    Hi all. I have an astra 1.9 cdti 06 plate (150) and iv just had the car back after having a new inlet manifold!.. Joy!. I also had the cam belt done at the same time. The car has covered 51k and the last few days i have started to notice a slight whining, droning noise. I dont seem to be...
  6. Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Right Here I have for sale are brand new Eibach Sportline springs for Astra H.. The reason iv got a brand new set is I brought full milltek and got these (free) when you spend £980 :| and i already have them on my car :lol: Im looking for around £110 including postage around UK or pick up...
  7. 3 Door
    My Astra 1.9 SRI XP Following Modifications - Regal FMIC - VXR Rear Bumper - Full Milltek with Sports Cat - Eibach Springs - K&N panel filter - Remap Whats next - 18" BBS LM Reps, Front 8J Rear 9J (Orded coming tuesday:D) - Coilovers - Hybrid turbo - Another map as the ones thats on is s***
1-7 of 7 Results