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  1. Astra j a17dtr 125hp crankcase ventilation

    Astra J/GTC
    125hp 1.7 cdti crankcase ventilation problem! Could someone help me with crankcase ventilation. is there some cleaning solution or something. what stub is this on top of valve covers. I have problem with leeking oil from crankcase ventilation to air intakes. please help me with some...
  2. Astravan 2006 1.7cdti confusing problem.

    Astra G
    I have a 2006 astravan 1.7cdti. A friend of mine changed the air and fuel filter. One of the wires on the loom to the air mass sensor broke, I replaced the little box on the loom with an a box from an older astravan, caused problems so I got the original one soldered and re fitted it myself...
  3. Newbie from Scotland!

    New Member Introductions
    Recently atteneded a TSG Meet in aberdeen and got left 2 AON leaflets so i thought id give it a go! Thanks Astra 1.7 CDTI
  4. Leak underneath engine! 1.7CDTI 2005

    Astra H
    Hi I seem to be having a leak which i thought may be coolant... took it to Vauxhall a few weeks ago, they charged me £60 to tell me they did a pressure test on the coolant system and could not find any leak so they put a sealant in just in case and it hasn’t leaked since until now Is it a...