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  1. reverse sensor

    Astra J/GTC
    hi. a problem with the reverse sensor has arisen. i drive a 2012 astra sri and it came with reversing sensors and when i put the gearstick into reverse, there’s a constant screeching beep noise. any solutions please?
  2. Banging noize

    Astra H
    Hello, i have an Astra H 2005 1.6L twin port, i have a clunking noise where i’ll accelerate my car and i’ll take the foot off of the accelerator and the front left of the car will make a loud bang and thud, i had the wishbone replaced as i was told this was the problem, however this is not the...
  3. Sports button issues

    Astra H
    Hi all. Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on things. Got an 05 plate astra H 1.6 club last year as go between. Few issues with the car but overall I quite like it and want to get things how they should be with it. Previous owner has, if you believe him, had it mapped and...
  4. rattling sound first gear

    Astra J/GTC
    hi guys. when the car is in first gear and I'm releasing the clutch, i can hear a rattling sound. the sound only occurs in first gear and only when releasing the clutch in first gear, not any other gears. some relatives have told me it could be a loose exhaust mount due to speed bumps but I'm...
  5. Another problem with my astra! YAY!! The impossible part?

    Astra G
    Hey all, How's it going? Does anyone know the part number for the 1.6 8 valve rocker cover, or know where i can get one for less then vauxhalls perfect price of £315 for the bit of plastic and the bolts (Just the parts not fitting them.) Long story cut the covers got cracks and is peeing oil...
  6. Astra H - 1.4 litre petrol design spec - anybody ever seen this?

    Astra H
    Hi all, I currently own a 2009 VX Astra H, 3 door hatch. This is a 1.4 litre petrol but has the design spec and also cruise control/bluetooth phone. I have never seen another one of these cars as every other 1.4 Astra I have come across is an SXI and not a Design, and every petrol Design I have...
  7. Astra H Engine Noise issues

    Astra H
    Hi all I posted two separate threads prior to this but thought i'd consolodate them as they may be connected. Been getting two different types of engine noise from my Astra H 04 1.6 petrol engine. The first noise is pretty much there all the time when I drive, it's like a high pitch chirp...
  8. OTT Crankcase pressure z16xep astra G

    Astra G
    as title says i have a 1.6 16v twin-port astra G bought a new rocker cover from vauxhall 140 pound later no difference at all car still cuts out if i remove and refit the dipstick or oil cap car is fine if i block the breather side from the throttle body but it whines.whistle noise at 3500...
  9. Opel Astra 2005 Enjoy 1.6 (Z16XEP) shuts off while driving

    Astra H
    Hello, I have a serious issue with my car and I can't figure out what is the cause to the problem. I already put it in a garage who didn't manage to resolve this and I had to pay them for the diagnostic. I want to have some clue before taking it to another garage, so they won't tell me some...
  10. Thoughts on the the ebay opcom units ?

    Astra H
    hi im new if this has already been posted please tag me in the thread and delete this ! I have been watching youtube videos on people activating cruise control with the stalk, activating the more in depth trip computer (mpg read out etc) with £20 kits on ebay. are these dangerous ive been told...
  11. My new and my first astra H !

    Astra H
    So today I went to look at a 57 Vauxhall astra 1.6 design facelift for a replacement to my 2002 1.2 corsa c - First impressions the car certainly sold itself to me very clean, cared for car. Then got given the key and left alone by the salesmen (which i really like) to look around the car. As...
  12. Greetings from Azerbaijan!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Astra Owners, My name is Javid, 24 years old, live in Baku, Azerbaijan. About a month ago I bought an Opel Astra H (2005) Caravan 1.6 Twinport with manual transmission, and I love it so far. The car is in good condition, accident-free, but needs a little polishing. Fuel consumption...
  13. Who else owns an Astra H 1.6 Turbo SRI?

    North East
    Hey Guys i was wondering who else in the local area owns a 1.6 Turbo SRI in the local area of Hartlepool who could show me anything they've done or share advice?
  14. Check Engine Light

    Astra H
    Recently replaced my inlet manifold with a straight through de-catted 4-1 manifold and after a couple days the check engine light has come on. I'm going to have a look under the bonnet tomorrow to see anything obvious, might just take the old manny off and check everything and put back on. Any...
  15. Urgent help with 64/2015 astra limited edition

    West Midlands
    Morning All, Just joined this morning after picking up my Astra Mk6 Last Week. (Crashed my Mk5 1.4SXI with full SRI EX Pack On) Can i get trip computer activated on this - does my head in not seeing MPG/Range and stuff on the dash, seen mixed reviews. Its a 1.6VVT Limited edition. Its the...
  16. Astra Mk4 G Convertible - 1.6 1V or 1.8?

    Astra G
    Hi All, I'm new, this is my first post! I have recently been looking around at Astra Mk4 convertibles with a view of getting one for the summer. My dilemma is MPG. According to Parkers the 1.6 is most fuel efficient. However I thought why not ask some folk who own them for a realistic idea! I...
  17. Hello from a total newbie needing advice'

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone im new here and looking forward to being a part of the community and i already need advice on a 1.6 turbo sri 09 plate. now i know they have their issues with the M32 gearboxes and fourth pistons but im looking at buying one on saturday bt what i was hoping for is could you guys...
  18. Black H - Finally Started.. [pic heavy]

    5 Door
    Hi Guys, Joined the forum around a year ago now just after I bought my first Vauxhall, that being a Black Sapphire 1.6 'Life' with the added luxury of air-con! I never really got active on here for no particular reason other than my laziness but I've now caught the bug and started to buy bits...
  19. Danlat's 1.6 Elite WIP (Pic Heavy)

    5 Door
    Hey guys, picked up my new car a few weeks back and thought it's about time I start a thread. But first - a bit of a history lesson. My first car was a 2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2 - I got it just before I turned 18 and I did love it but it was close to knackered and I couldn't wait to upgrade to...
  20. Bumper to bumper:Have I done any damage to my rear bumper?

    3 Door
    Short story, When I was about to move out then suddenly this stupid taxi driver blocks my exit :@while I had my signal on ready to leave. I guess I was too ****** off and forgot to check my mirrors so I assumed there was no car. I then reversed and when I looked at the interior mirror it was...