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  • redman ·
    Hi Nick
    Some thermostats are marked with different temp ratings,whether the type for your car is I don't know. I suppose you need to be 100 percent sure the thermostat fitted is the correct part number for your car . You can't pssibly have had two faulty thermostats fitted but I suppose two incorrect ones is possible. Just keep on with trying to sort it and I'm sure you will get there
    Nick2506 ·
    Hi redman
    Thank you for your continued patience. Are 'stats offered in different thermal settings? I presumed any Vauxhall taking this 'stat would operate at the same temperature.
    I have e mailed Vauxhall tech services at luton asking for the running temps and opening temp of the 'stat. I can show them to my mechanic so he may believe me.
    He did not charge to clear the codes first time so I will look at your suggestion. With hind sight I would have done this with the brand new second 'stat.
    Thank you.
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