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Diesel Rolling Road Results

Please post any Diesel Rolling Road Results in here
1.8K 169K
  • 1.8K
  • 169K

N/A Tuning

5.7K 408K
  • 5.7K
  • 408K

Turbo Tuning

7.8K 534K
  • 7.8K
  • 534K

Diesel Tuning

Area for all types of diesel tuning
46.9K 2.3M
  • 46.9K
  • 2.3M


39.3K 1.5M
  • 39.3K
  • 1.5M

ICE & Electrics

46.7K 2.1M
  • 46.7K
  • 2.1M

Suspension, Handling & brakes

An area to discuss all things related to making your car corner and brake effectively
28 2.3K
  • 28
  • 2.3K

Petrol Rolling Road Results

Rolling Road Results from Members Cars
414 57.9K
  • 414
  • 57.9K