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Is the home of the Astra VXR Owners Club that dedicates itself to the more power hungry amongst you.The club was formed after an underlying forum of Astra-Sri took off.

From a Sub-Forum of the Astra H model, the interest grew and soon it had made it's way to it's own level in the club. But that wasn't enough, the power crazy VXR drivers wanted more. More of everything it would seem! So before long the newly developed sister club to Astra-Sri was catching the eyes of dedicated Tuners.

Astra VXR Photo

These tuners soon came on board and were able to help feed the hunger for
power and performance. Now Astra-VXR enjoys it's own status and it's own
dedicated offers from tuners and developers that aren't available anywhere
else on the net.

If you have an Astra VXR, you really need to be in here for some of the friendliest and most challenging conversations on the net.

Are you VXR enough !!!

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