: Astra H multiple electrical problems, please help!

21-07-2010, 05:25
Hi Guys

I need your help

My Astra H 1.6 115 hp (2007) has an electrical problem from sunday:

Following items doesn't work anymore:

Electrically mirrors , front electric windows , rear window wiper , cruise control and cigarette lighter socket

Its very strange, does someone have an clue what can it be?


21-07-2010, 06:13
Very odd... Checked the fuse box in the Engine Bay mate?

Lee Fowler
21-07-2010, 06:29
Yes sounds like it could be a fuse.


21-07-2010, 07:12
If some electrics are working and some are not then it definetly points to a fuse,

21-07-2010, 09:22
Yah can be a fuse, but which one, can be a fuse that is protecting all items that are not working in my car?
I read in manual that is an additional fuse box in luggage compartment

22-07-2010, 15:04
I have code ECN70405 but I don't know what it means

22-07-2010, 17:01
The manual also tells you what fuse protects what electrical item(s)....

22-07-2010, 17:07
I have code ECN70405 but I don't know what it means

ECN0704 = Clutch switch input circuit malfunction CRC

This could also be related to the apparent loss of electrical supply to other components.

Lee Fowler
22-07-2010, 17:25
I think its time to RTFM!!


23-07-2010, 08:28
It was a simple fuse, I have remove all fuses one by one , and replaced the one that was broken,

Thank you for your help

Code ECN70405 is still present although cruise control is working

23-07-2010, 12:44
The way I understand it, stored codes stay until cleared by a VX dealer, rather than just going when the fault has gone :)

Lee Fowler
23-07-2010, 13:06
As I understand it I think the code will clear after 30 or so key on ignition times.


23-07-2010, 13:16
Lee Fowler may understand it better than I do then :P


23-07-2010, 13:26
If there was still a problem with the clutch switch, the cruise control would not work.

If the engine management light is not on when the car is being driven, then the fault code is 'not present', meaning it will clear automatically after 30 ignition on/off cycles - as Lee says. ;)