: How to guide/help on changing anti roll bar links

Alan Hanson
12-06-2010, 12:10
Hey peep

is there a how to change anti roll bar links vauxhall want near 100 squid and heard its firly straight forward but ay help would be brill


12-06-2010, 14:25
sorry if im wrong but do you mean drop links?

then basically jack it up
wheels off

youll see the drop links

now dont qoute me on sizes but theyll be a flat faces on the side where the rubber is use 14mm spanner/mole grips to holde that.

then 15mm socket and ratchet on the nuts

Alan Hanson
12-06-2010, 15:53
not sure really vaux guy just said anti roll bar links? could be though

12-06-2010, 21:24
searched on google and there a couple of place call drop links anti roll bar links


thw little bar on the left of the strut is the drop link so you can see how easily accessed they are.

and providing they arnt to rusted up shouldnt take more than an hour

Alan Hanson
13-06-2010, 08:24
cool cheers guys most appreciated thanks

13-06-2010, 11:32
The drop links connect to the anti roll bar, so you are likely to just be changing worn drop links due to a knocking noise over uneven road surfaces.

The ones that where previously on the my car where 18mm bolts, the replacements where 19mm.
You will need an adjustable clamp wrench spanner tool thingy to be able to grip the cylinder, so you can screw the bolt off.
You might be lucky and your drop links have a flat spanner part.

I read that using a wire brush (dremel) to clean before attempting removal makes it easy.

Somebody here got the drop links changed at VX for 55, maybe they would be changing the brackets and anti-roll bar on top of the drop links.

Drop links cost 15 - 25, and is likely the only thing needing changed.

p.s. its called a ratchet :)

13-06-2010, 14:22
quick question, would the droplinks cause the steering to be a bit vague when goin over potholes and un even surfaces? cause ive been hearing like a clunkin noise say when i go up the kerb to get onto my drive (very low kerb by the way...lol)

Alan Hanson
13-06-2010, 15:31
ok vauxhall quoted me 18.75 each for the drop links