: Zafira 2.2SRI 55 plate - Swirl Flaps

15-05-2009, 17:32
My wife has a 2.2SRI Zafira on a 55 plate and has just been diagnosed with needing to have the Swirl Flaps replaced afte Tech 2 showed an error code of P1112. Been told that remedy is 2233 Replace swril flaps new part 93192896/24437715.
Bought the car about 8 months ago and have a three year warranty from the dealer we bought from (unfortunately not a vauxhall dealer) and they are saying their warranty company will not cover this although the dealer has started to make noises about "paying for half of it" but not specified if that is parts or labour or both...
Before I open discussions with them I would like to understand what the swirl flaps do, where they fit in the engine to see if they fit under any of the headings in the warranty schedule to let me see if I can avoid shelling out much on this.
Headings covered include:
Engine - inc cylinder head etc
Fuel injection system - inc airflow meter

I am not a mechanical guy so simple explanation would be appreciated

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help - have seen some horror stories on the web about how much this might cost to fix and could really do with avoiding paying out much on this...

15-05-2009, 17:38
found this it may be of interest

15-05-2009, 17:47
Thanks fabdabcab

Saw that before I posted but didn't really help all that much given I am non-mechanical; was hoping for a non-technical explanation and some idea whether I can possibly shoehorn this into one of the categories for the warranty to avoid paying too much...

Thanks anyway

15-05-2009, 18:18
I cant see how the hell the warranty can get out of that one.

Its not a wear and tear item and its not down to abuse!

The bulletin is as follows:

Field Remedy: 2233
Subject: Engine Z22YH - Engine malfunction controllamp illuminates, trouble code P1112 (64) stored
Models: Engines: Option:
Zafira-B 2005...,Signum 2003...,Vectra-C 2003... Z22YH,Z22YH,Z22YH
Complaint: Engine malfunction controllamp illuminates, trouble code P1112 (64) stored.
Cause: Swirl flaps on the air intake manifold sticks.
Production: Introduction of improved swirl flaps in production as of engine-no.:11674296 (03.07.07).

In case of customer complaint change the control link (part-no.: 24437715 / catalogue-no.: 8 50 433) and the swirl flaps (part-no.: 93171601 catalogue-no.: 58 50 653).

Note: It is not necessary to change the complete air intake manifold.

FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 19 - Poor Engine Driveability
Trouble Code: P1112 (64)

15-05-2009, 18:18
found this it may be of interest

Not the same thing as its a totaly different engine! (Y)

15-05-2009, 18:30
Thanks Marks_DTM_Calib

They are saying it's not covered but that didn't seem right to me and that's why I posted on here. I want to find out what the swirl flaps do to see if I can make it clear that it should be covered...

Any further info you can give me to help, would really appreciate it

15-05-2009, 20:50
my understanding of it is that is is a flap to swirl the air in the intake if faulty airflow is restricted hence poor performance or even a lot of smoke, i had this happen on a transit once and all i did was tie the flap open and it was fine completely diffrent to vauxhall though!!!! cant see any reason why this is'nt coevered by warranty unless you were given a basic one.

15-05-2009, 23:42
Thanks fab

Seems logical to me and everyone else, just need to convince the dealer. Am hoping that my stroppy customer on a saturday afternoon when other customers are around hearing how ****** the warranty is may change their mind....

16-05-2009, 15:11
Its interesting because the only real fault I ever see on the 2.2 dti's is a gummed up inlet maniolfd which is normaly easily cured with a good chemical clean

16-05-2009, 20:28
Thanks Marks

This is a petrol 2.2 SRI. I have re-read the warranty documents and they specify the inlet manifold is covered, so am going to contact them to ask how the inlet manifold is covered but the swirl flaps that are part of the inlet manifold isn't? Given your tech report above that indicates that the whole manifold does not need replacing it seems clear this is part of it and so should be covered. Any other points I can cover to help secure them paying for this?