: How To Remove The Roof Aerial Base

04-01-2008, 13:48
Hi, Could someone please tell me how to remove the aerial off the roof please. Vauxhall are charging me 180 :@ to fit a new one and i rather do it myself. Cheers

I have a 3 Door 1.6 SXi

04-01-2008, 13:55
I havent done this but i am sure it will be like most of the other Vx Models where by you will need to lower the roof lining at the back where the aerial is by pulling the plastic lugs out then you will see the roof aerial base and will more that likely be held in via a bolt a nut requiring a a wrench am sure if anyone has more info they'll post up.

04-01-2008, 13:56
I don't know if there's a how to somewhere, never done it myself but it would help if we knew 3 or 5 door.

It's basically a headlining removal job, that's why it's so time consuming (read expensive) although (and don't try this if you're not sure) you may get away with removing the trim around the hatch and getting in that way.

04-01-2008, 20:51
hi there,

i have this information. is it any help? this is for the 5dr (L48) version but is the same for the 3dr.



cheers :cool:

04-01-2008, 21:11
and its not a job for the faint hearted .... if it leaks afterwards you have to do it all again , best waite til the summer in my view , at least its lighter in the evenings to be able to do things if they arnt right

04-01-2008, 22:26
Thanks Mate

05-01-2008, 13:36
Hi, I tried using the above pics and when i got to my car. I still dont know how to do it. How do u do step 1. remove moulded headling

05-01-2008, 21:08
Its a very big job rick mate you have to remove all the piller covers then the whole car headlining to access the screw.

06-01-2008, 15:23
how do you do that then????????

06-01-2008, 16:57
Can i just ask why you want to do this in the first place? is it because you've put a spoiler on and its catching on the aerial? if so you dont need to change for the more upright base, there is an adaptor that screw in between the aerial and the base, think its an irmy item, hope this helps

07-01-2008, 09:53
Ok i have actually done this, did it this summer, takes about an hour.

Was going to write a how to but didnt thikn anybody would want it.

- Anyway, you need a T50 torx to remove all 4 seat belt holders. Just lift the cover and unscrew.
- Next remove the sunglass holder and handle from passenger and drivers side roof
- Now remove the pillars. Back one just pulls off, middle u need to remove the airbag badge then pull off
- After that the roof will be free to come down, peel back the seal above your boot and the roof will drop. Its held on by velcro so just pull if it doesnt
- Look up and unclip the blue wire holder
- 18mm (iirc) spanner will loosen the nut, bit of a bitch but be patient
- Put in new aerial and reverse steps

I have had no leaks and it looks great. An hours work tops :thumbs:

Oh and that aerial base adapter thing looks crap, search and have a look

07-01-2008, 16:39
Did mine on the G on saturday as it was leaking in real bad and misting up . It took me about 40 mins and it seems to have cured it :thumbs:
I would rather pay 29 for an Aeriel base than silly money for a new roof lining .. I should think it will take longer on the H but should be the same principle .