: tappety noise above 2200rpm

13-07-2007, 17:06
my astra H 1.6 had developed a "tappety" noise at 2200rpm and above, its slowly getting louder. i have an aftermarket warranty and the car has done 73000 miles.

there is some sort of leak from the mainfold or downpipe hard to tell, but it sounds like the main noise is coming from the head to the left (cam) side.

the noise is very noticable spot on 2200rpm and above, but generally even at idle it isnt as smooth as it should be

any idea's, any common faults?

i took it to the local garage to diagnose it, they said there's definately a exhaust leak but as for the tappety noise there not sure wot it is.

got no loss in power (well its a 1.6 so i dont think i would notice it!), but fuel eco is down a bit (poss exhaust leak)

13-07-2007, 17:32
don't all the 1.6's sound like that and have a juddering clutch too ??

13-07-2007, 22:30

I have this problem too!

If you have read my posts regarding lack of power etc you will note that the 1.6 engine DOESN'T have self adjusting hydraulic tappets but adjustable SHIMS which is technology from 50+ years ago.

I have just had the head of the engine removed, pressure tested, valves and shims replaced, cam belt changed and its still making the same noise!!!!

I am at the dealership on Monday with the senior grease monkey so I'll get some answers then.

FYI my car has done 54K.



18-08-2007, 13:01
update, have also been told bout stoneage shims and very ****** off cos my warranty company says they are serviceable parts so wont cover.

anyway since my last post the noise is louder and thru the complete rev range - when I say tappet noise now - imagine shaking a piggy bank full of pennies, however I dont have a loss in power, it sounds like its coming right from the back of the engine in or under the inlet manifold, anyway i'm taking it to a vauxhall specialist fingercrossed!

18-08-2007, 14:48
Have them check your injectors, I had this problem but with the 1.8, had no idea that injectors could get that loud.

18-08-2007, 21:46

I have had a new engine installed (head and bottom end) and I STILL have the noise so it's not the engine. I need to take mine back on Monday for a 1000 mile check so I'll ask then.

I will let you know.



19-08-2007, 18:25
i had another listen today and the noise dedfinately seems like its coming from the back of the engine, like injector or inlet manifold area, so will tell garage to check injectors, but a bit of noise is still there with engine off and in gear.

will see, plus someone pulled out in front of me on a roundabout so now got that to deal with, might just give up with it and go back to another old range rover