: Swirl flaps clean

16-09-2013, 05:36
Hi guys

Im after a way of giving my swirl flaps/manifold a quick clean out before I blank my egr off. I have heard 10k engine cleaner down the inlet is a quick way of doing this, but is there anything else needed?

Thabks in advance

16-09-2013, 14:24
Can anyone help with this?

16-09-2013, 14:54
Ive never done it, but heres a tutorial i found yesterday. Perhaps some of it might be useful?


16-09-2013, 14:55

16-09-2013, 17:38
i done a deflap on mine last week.. you can split the manifold in 2 pieces and scrap the crud out... also i blanked the egr valve off at the 2 bolt holed pipe end and the 4 bolt holes on the manifold to egr valve both plates have 7mm drill holes in them the small plate has 1 hole and the larger plate has 4 holes in it,, this will stop the EML light coming on because of no pressure changes being picked up by the maf, egr blank off has improved mpg get about 56 mpg on rural roads with loads of hills, it pulls from 1000-1500 revs all day long, 40mph 6th gear on the flat no probs...

16-09-2013, 19:52
With all those holes in it yo might as well not have the plates

16-09-2013, 20:36
I have fitted two blanking plates today with no holes in them and so far the emissions light has stayed off.. touch wood! The car is more responsive and doesnt seem to smoke as much which is a little weird. Hopefully the light stays off and I will be happy :D