: Please help with this :(

Kyle Barr
02-04-2013, 19:37
Right so blew my bung on the boost pipe no turbo okay limp it to to somewhere to fix

10 seconds later hit a crazy deep pot hole and the car just died!! Would not rev nothing managed to limp it down the motorway doing 20-30mph using the power of the engine without revving .. Left it for 15 mins when I got to her dads, went to move it up the drive and guess what? RUNS FINE!! Boosted the nuts off it perfect

How the hell is that?!!!!

Please help?

03-04-2013, 13:28
Dodgy earth somewhere?

03-04-2013, 15:17
Aye check battery terminals, if they can spin on the terminals by hand, can cause this. Otherwise, just run it until it does it again, try n diagnose it when the problem occurs