: fault code P2279 but not egr

15-10-2012, 23:07
hi all

sorry if this is duplicated but i have found similar posts but nothing that answers my problem! i bought my astra hatchback sri cdti 150bhp a month ago, its still under warranty but got a little issue that has got both vauxhall, and the garage I bought it from quite stumped! every now and again the emission light comes on and a slight loss of power is noticeable. Fault code P2279 is shown, after 2 days of diagnostics vauxhall have changed the egr for the sake of doing something, it was ok for a week but have had the same symtoms on at least 4 occasions in the last week. It happens completely randomly and clears itself, usually overnight. swirl pot valves seem fine.
i want to get it sorted cause really love the car when its behaving! Any ideas greatly appreciated! i have access to diagnostic equipment.

Thanks in advance

15-10-2012, 23:30
check for any unusual sooty deposits in or around the EGR/Intake manifold or along the EGR piping from the exhaust manifold, as that would be a solid indication of where the leak is, all the EGR pipework is situated to the right of the engine.

16-10-2012, 05:07
When does the fault occur - after hard acceleration, over certain revs etc?

Other causes of the P2279 code can be a leaking boost hose between the the MAF and intake manifold, a split intercooler, or even the MAF itself.

16-10-2012, 09:28
Thanks, will have a gander! Now you mention it, the last few times have been when accelerating hard! Thanks for posting!

16-10-2012, 12:48
Haven't found anything obvious! The maf looks clean and ok! Fault has cleared itself again after 30 miles!

16-10-2012, 16:39
It probably wont be obvious, if it is a hole in the intercooler or leak in a pipe it might not manifest until the parts are hot and expanding

16-10-2012, 17:52
It probably wont be obvious, if it is a hole in the intercooler or leak in a pipe it might not manifest until the parts are hot and expanding

Exactly - some part of the intercooler could be split and opening up under boost, causing a leak. These can be tricky to find.

16-10-2012, 22:44
Ok thanks for your help. I gave it a bit of stick on the way home tonight and still no light. Thanks again

17-10-2012, 12:44
Lights back on, same code, going back into garage on tues! At least it's still under warranty eh!

17-10-2012, 18:32
It was the inter cooler on mine when showing this fault code. Light would keep flicking on and off, even though there was no obvious damage to it.


27-10-2012, 09:34

A split vacuum hose was found, they decided to cut the split out and reattached it and all was fine.........until I pick the car up and the light comes back on within 5 mins!! Im starting to think its me!!!!

They're replacing the damaged hose when they get the part in. One thing that was noticed was that when they removed the egr valve, the soot around that area was 'wet'! Any thoughts would be appreciated even if it is just 'Sell the blooming thing'!!


27-10-2012, 13:34
you havent got dodgy oxygen sensors have you, i had this on my petrol astra this time last year, exactly the same symptoms the light flickering then soon as was reset the light would come back on after 5-10 miles

hold you pedals in and do the pedal test see how many codes are stored. you might see ecn 013042/003608 and i cant quite remember the 3rd think it was 013011. i had 3 numbers flash up

28-10-2012, 22:02
Make sure the boost sensor is cleaned if you had a clogged egr. I serviced my egr and was still a little flat. Checked boost sensor and it was completely caked in black sooty sludge. Quick blast of carb cleaner and good to go. Well, actually, it caked again as the car cleared itself but been fine since, and very little soot on hard acceleration.

29-10-2012, 12:31
Thanks again for replies

The peddle test just comes up with one code 227956 which is the air intake code, so say they've already swapped the sensors with known working ones for diagnosis! Back in today so hopefully will be a short and sweet trip this time as they're running out of things to change!


06-11-2012, 19:44

apparently the last time it was in they repaired a split hose, this time they replaced the hose and all seems great! 150 miles without a flicker of the dreaded light!

thanks all for your suggestions and advice!