: cambelt and clutch on a 1.8 VVT

26-09-2012, 15:05
What is the mileage recommendation to get clutch and Cam-belt changed on a Astra H 1.8 VVT?

Im not close yet I don't think but just wanted to know for future reference :)

26-09-2012, 15:08
i 'think' its 65k

27-09-2012, 20:33
Was told 100k for the cam belt on the vvt, not sure if I want to leave it that long though

Matty John
27-09-2012, 21:20
60k. I done mine at 40 though. And water pump. Paraniid like that lol

27-09-2012, 21:43
It's all in the Service book. Cambelt change interval is 100k miles on the vvt, but I wouldn't leave it that long. 60k maybe, no more than 80k. There's plenty of evidence that cambelts can fail before the official change interval.
Clutch - only when it's worn out.


28-09-2012, 18:12
They usually state an age at which the cambelt should be replaced too as they can deteriorate with age even if within the 100k miles specified. Don't know what this is though

28-09-2012, 19:05
Change on the 1.8 VVT is 100k/10 years.

Buying mine tomorrow and the dealer has changed the belt at 5 years/60k then realised that the belt change was 100k/10 years once it was changed ... certainly saved me a job :D