: 1.9 CDTi Black smoke then no power

25-02-2012, 12:21

Had a day off work yesterday and just went a few local places and the engine started to run pretty poor. There was a slight delay in pick-up when accelerating and a cloud of dark smoke. After a few more miles I got a larger puff of smoke and then a MIL light came on. Car wouldn't pull off so called RAC out who reset the codes and the MIL went off but the car still runs like a sack of spanners till you get higher up the rev range.

I've got a warranty on the car but they can't look at it till Monday, does it sound feasible for it to be the EGR valve or the garage seem to think it might be the MAF sensor?

Car is now running without the MIL on and other than struggling up inclines is running reasonably okay.

25-02-2012, 12:29
Definitely sounds like EGR problems

25-02-2012, 15:27
As Mickie says, definitely sounds like EGR problems. Mine didn't really have any power at all until the turbo kicked in, when it then threw out a plume of black smoke, then shot off like a rocket until I changed gear when it'd all start again...

25-02-2012, 15:27
slight update, the car runs pretty well but still seems to hesitate under acceleration. It really struggles uphill so there's definitely something wrong but still can't get the MIL back on.
The code I got was P2279-5b

Stevie S
25-02-2012, 15:31
sounds like the EGR valve to me, that sounds like what happened to mine

25-02-2012, 15:54
2279 was one of the codes I got fairly often with the EGR.

25-02-2012, 16:56
3 letters - E G R :D

25-02-2012, 16:58
Awww you poor Diesel owners :P

25-02-2012, 17:01
Awww you poor Diesel owners :P

not me :D Lifetime warranty :P

27-02-2012, 13:39
Not just diesel owners, Petrols have them too, and some manufacturers suffer the same.

Buy EGR off ebay, swap over every 10k. Keep your old one dirty (keeps it contaminant free). After next 10k then take apart the 2 halves of the body, and use brake cleaner and tooth brush to clean on your old one. Leave to dry thoroughly. Put together and swap over again.

Never had this issue since I started doing that.

I also have the blanking plat with hole cut in it to reduce crap flow through the EGR.