: Boot won't close

25-01-2012, 16:43
Hi guys. Opened the boot today and then tried to close it, but it won't close. Doesn't seem to be latching. Tried pushing the metal bit in the latch with my key and it works fine, so it's not stuck. Just doesn't seem to be catching when you close it.

Simple as really. Tried everything I can think of, unlocking and locking, pushing it down with a bit of force, going away and coming back some time later and trying the same again. Nothing, just won't latch closed.

Its a 2005 Astra H SXi 3 door. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix it? I think its going to need to be replaced myself. Wanted to get it out to have a look but don't have the weird screwdriver needed to take it out (managed to get the rear lining off).

28-01-2012, 10:03
mine does this now and then and first time i did same as you, try lever with key, lock/unlock with fob, in the end all i have to do to fix it is press the open/release button again and it clicks and clears it...

28-01-2012, 10:56
No click at all from the button when I was pressing it. Think the lock is just dead. Ordered a replacement anyway. See how it goes.

29-01-2012, 00:25
Mine randomly did this a while ago... after a few slams it worked again. Wierd... sorry I can't be of more help!