: Vauxhall Tigra Roof

16-11-2011, 15:55
Can anyone shed some light on this. The roof does not want to work, it works mechanically as I've ssen it working but now it will not open. the boot will open on the inside button but not close on it. any help would be much appreciated :thumbs:

16-11-2011, 17:48
Something must be in the wrong place. If the car doesn't see the boot down and locked then the roof will not move at all.

These folding metal roofs are a nightmare with all sorts of sensors and conditions required to be fulfilled before it will move.

29-11-2011, 09:04
Another cause could be a low battery, I looked at a couple of Tigra's over the weekend and just bought one for the wife and one of them had such a low battery all it would do is beep when you pressed the button, the salesman tried everything to get it to work but no joy, I took the car out for a test drive and was out for maybe 40 minutes and when I got back to the dealers I unlatched the 2 roof locks and pulled up the button and away it went, after a few up and down cycles it was fine and got quicker the more I did it.

Might be worth giving it a run or charge the battery up, make sure the boot panel is fully locked in place and give it a whirl.


14-01-2012, 13:40
You can open the Tigra B boot with the inside button, but it will only close with the outside button, so that's not a fault. As for the roof, as mentioned above, you say it 'works mechanically' I'm guessing you mean it can be manually opened or closed. That's only needed in fault conditions - it's not for 'normal' operation. As mentioned above, they rely on a number of limit switches and can be a bit tricky to fault find and fix.